My Review Policy

I DO NOT reply or respond to review requests made via other way than by EMAIL

On the genres I read:
*I'm dedicating this blog to all things Young Adult [YA], New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Non-YA[Adult books, +18].
So don't hesitate if you have a book you would like me to review.
[The only one I'm weary of the YA sub-genres or Non-YA is Historical and sometimes Sci-fi, I don't hate it but it isn't my forte either...but go ahead and contact me, maybe you'll be the one to cure me of that illness.]

On Printed Book Format:
My priorities are ALWAYS printed books. Save from some exceptions. I love and have always loved the feeling of a book in my hands, nothing will ever replace that for me. So if you send me an ARC or review copy or a finished PRINTED copy of a book, believe me it will be higher on my reading pile.

On Digital[eBook] Book Format:
Even though I do prefer printed books- I know, I know -most people can't send me physical copies of their books, I understand don't worry, seriously. 
I am accept books in both printed and electronic format but still I give preference to the printed books, they are more likely to get read sooner.

On how I get the books:
All the books I review here have either been purchased at the local bookstore or via Amazon or Book Depository, gifted, sent by the author, sent by the publisher or acquired via Netgalley or other site supported/run/authorized by the publishers. 
I DO NOT support Book/eBook piracy in any way.

On getting an HONEST review:
My reviews are ALWAYS honest, always, and I believe that people can write reviews about books they didn't like without lashing out at neither author or the book.
That means that if I don't like something about a certain book I'll be honest and write it down.
-I owe my followers 100% honesty and that's what they will get.
I do not accept people being disrespectful to authors, and saying mean things about their books.

On being or Not being rewarded:
I do NOT receive any monetary or any other compensation for the reviews I write, the exception being some authors that out of their own hearts offer swag or any other random thing hehehe, but the satisfaction of sharing my love of books and maybe get to know the amazing authors and amazing bloggers that form this amazing community.

On my review content:
EVERY word, sentence, paragraph, etc. Written in my review is my OWN. 
¡Don't Steal It!
The only exceptions being the times when the book being reviewed is quoted in which case it is either pointed out or used in a "Quoted" format in the blog post. Those quotes are used to encourage buying the book/give teasers of the book to people or to simply showcase a favorite one. All those quotes/passages/excerpts are owned by the AUTHOR/PUBLISHER of said book.

If someone wants to quote some part of my review I just ask you give the proper credit.

On rating the books:
I do rate the books I read and I rate them (insert nervous laugh here) with how much I cried while reading the book (weird I know) but I'm a sentimentalist and cry baby...
If a book doesn't have a single sentence/scene/part/character that makes me cry, then people beware because it means I didn't and maybe will never like that book or that the story didn't get to me in the least.

{For now, I'm using this pic for my ratings.}      -------->>

1= WhAt WaS tHaT?dry eyes.
2=will NEVER make me cry.
3=might've made me cry.
4=genious crying.
5=~sobs hard~too good to be true!
10(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.

On Indie/Self-Published writers/authors:
I'm currently NOT accepting books for review from Indie/Self-Published authors of ANY genre. 

I'm sorry,there has been too much drama lately involving these authors, I know not all of you are like that and I'm sorry I really am because I believe in supporting ALL authors but I'm trying to stay out of that drama as much as possible.

Don't worry though, if you're an Indie/Self-Published author and I've worked/interviewed/reviewed your book before or if you contacted me BEFORE July 16th, 2012. It's all good, I've either known you for a really long time now or I have the eARC you sent and I will be reviewing your book. 

I'm also struggling with the few that I have to read right now and most of them are eBooks and I always have priority over printed books. 

I really hope to soon be able to start accepting once again.

I'm happy to announce I'm once again accepting self-published/indie books for review. Though you've got to be a bit patient but if you email me with a review request I'll try my best to reply fast.

On ANY Author/Publisher House
If you want me to spotlight your book/ a book don't hesitate to email me. I love giving book shout outs or support a debut author.
Cover Reveals, Trailer Reveals, Anything to try to promote a book/author.
I can do all just remember to email me with whatever it is that you want at bookpics2011(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll try my hardest to support you.

Remember, it's all about the books, the authors, the photos and of course, the CLOUDS!

Happy reading y'all!