Thanks to facebook HERE I AM!

Here I am introducing BookPics & myself to this new blog thing with no knowledge of it whatsoever! T-T

I really beg of you to bear with me since I didn't even know how to start a blog to begin with--- and I'm also not sure if I'll update here as well as my facebook page BookPics BUT!!
I will run the contests and giveaways here from now on!

so come join and share or whatever it is that you do on blogs!!

would you like me to update here as well? make reviews post my pictures and stuff??


  1. Honestly Alba....if you find it easier to post reviews and pics and whatever else on facebook then i think you should do that. you could use this only for giveaways if you want. But thats just my opinion. Its your call
    xx Clarissa

  2. I know!! hehe I literally suck at anything related to this hehe and I did/do have a blog but over at tumblr!:D tough almost no one have it I update there as well!! hehe

    yeap that's why I'm asking:D


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