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-review- This Is War Baby by K. Webster

-Goodreads- "Because the queen always protects the king." And then she whispers the last part. "Even from himself."
I've never been happier about the fact that I rarely read newly released books as I am right now.
But boy am I happy.
I love the name of the series.
I love the name of him and her.
I love and hate everything right now and I'm so incredibly ready to know what in the world will happen in the end. As in the end of the series!
This is a really dark book at the beginning that turns a bit brighter as the story progresses but only a little brighter.
There's a lot of scenes that happen that can potentially trigger some episodes so beware of it.
A lot of physical and psychological abuse.
A lot of mental illness involved.
But aside from that. I am really shocked at how much I liked this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
From the writing, even if there are some typos and editing errors here and there, to how the story flowed and you never really knew w…

Story Time?

Hi guys!
It's been a while, hasn't it?

I had so many goals set for this year, one of them being coming back to the blog and start sharing my reviews again, I wanted to start writing once again as well even vlogging maybe but sometimes even the most thought out and crafted plans can't prepare you for whatever things life might throw at you...

This time I wasn't ready and even if I had seen it coming I still wouldn't have been ready.

You see, my mom got really sick back in 2014, her kidneys had stopped working completely by September/October of that year so she had to get dialysis immediately and she would have to get them at least twice a week since then.
She got sad for a while, my dad got angry, one of my sisters was abroad studying so she couldn't really grasp the concept of what was happening to my mom and my younger sister and I were just here to help pick up the pieces.
But my mom, being the brave and faithful woman she always was and taught my sisters and…