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Hallo 2013! [NHBones slip]

Well another year ending... Though I'm pretty sure the word that was out was that the 'world' was ending not the year...
My beautiful bookpicERS!!!!
How are you saying goodbye to the amazing 2012??

Can you imagine all the awesome books that came out this year?? I don't think my mind can comprehend how lucky everyone that got this years book releases!!! You lucky lucky people!! I hate you-not really-from the bottom of my bookish-freak heart.

I think some reads were really really traumatic for me, as in, I won't ever ever get over them, I am marked for life, I was tortured beyond repair, I was ruined for all men, I fell in love, I got tossed against wall after wall... and even then... I went back for more...
If that is not book-masochism I seriously don't know what is.

I want to thank all the authors who are brave enough to put their work out there for everyone to see, I want to thank all my bookish friends for being there for me to gush about my latest…

My Apology of Apologies. AGAIN.

-Non edited post because I know I might ramble much more if I proofread it OR I might notice how many things more I missed to say or something.-

I want to officially apologize to every blogger that was hosting a book blog tour or any other book event in which I was participating these last 2-4 weeks.
I tried to send emails to every single one of you but it appears I still didn't make it.
I know I might sound like I'm only excuses but it's all I have to give you.

We were moving, as you already knew. But then we didn't have internet in the new house until later and then my laptop's screen decided to stop working...

I'm so very very sorry if I failed to do something I had promised to do on the blog, I really really am.

Books and BookPics are very dear to my heart and when I compromise to do something I try to move heaven and hell to accomplish that promise so I feel like I let everyone down with these things :(
I wasn't planning on my laptop failing on me and …

-Cover Reveal- Release by Nicole Hadaway

Ohhhh my bookpicERS!!! Look what date it is!!! X_X The year's almost over!! BUT... well, you see... Books keep on coming and with them... their lovely and gorgeous covers!!!! I'm here to reveal yet ANOTHER book cover!!! Also designed by the talented Claudia @Phatpuppy Art. Behold the beauty!
-Well, would you LOOK at those EYES!!!  They are like magnets!! I cannot, for the love of me, stop looking at them. They're just too captivating!!!! And please please stop it with the awesome!! I'm in love with the background even if you can't see much of it I still love it!!! It just makes me curious as to what the book will be about besides the obvious... or not?-

Release by Nicole Hadaway - GoodreadsPublication date: January 4th, 2013
***“The ends justify the means”...

For vampire Miranda Dandridge, using her supernatural abilities to rescue children from impossible circumstances is her means to be a part of the human world that she loves so much, despite the atrocities of WWI…

~Book Promo Blitz + Giveaway!~ Phoebe Pope And The Year of Four by Nya Jade [Excerpt]

Well Hello there my beautiful people!! Hopefully I'll be getting, slowly, back into the blogging and reviewing thing now that the moving is almost done!!!
Today I'm promoting along with several other blogs... THIS BOOK!!! There's also a giveaway going on so you really want to keep reading or just skip down to it, but trust me, you'll be missing out. BIG WAY.
Cover designed by Phatpuppy Art.

Pub. Date: October 30th 2012 - Dreamwell Publishing

***The students of Green Lane Academy roam their halls unaware that below their manicured campus exists a prestigious school of an entirely different kind . . .

Sixteen-year-old Phoebe Pope has enrolled at the Campus Below: a spy academy for shape-shifters hidden deep beneath the grounds of a boarding school whose humans unknowingly protect it. There, thanks to a carefully planned schedule, she leads a double life: spy trainee Below and normal teenager Above.

As if two course loads, concealing a secret power she alone wields, and copi…

-Cover Reveal- Deeper We Fall by Chelsea M. Cameron

Here I am once again sharing a pretty new, well, pretty to add to your collection!!! Let me present you the book cover for "Deeper We Fall by Chelsea M. Cameron, designed by Okay Creations

About the book,
Publication date: January 12th, 2013 
***Two years after her best friend was involved in a car accident that caused a traumatic brain injury, Lottie Anders is ready to start her freshman year of college. Ready to move on. Ready to try and forget the night that ripped her life apart.

Her plans come to a screeching halt when not one, but both brothers responsible for the accident end up back in her life again.

Zack is cruel, selfish and constantly rubbing what happened to her friend in Lottie's face.

Zan is different. He listens to her awkward ramblings. His words are few and far between, but when he does speak, she can't help but listen. He loves "To Kill a Mockingbird" as much as she does, and his dark eyes are irresistible.

The trouble is, Zan was the dr…