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Cover Obsession #17

Cover Obsession is a feature here on BookPics. -I really don't know if anyone else does it as I do but I'm not trying to steal any other ideas out there- In which I tell you what new book covers I'm completely in love with, pinning for, drooling over, tearing-up over, going all OH CLOUD! on and all the other AMAZING-FANTASTIC-AWESOME-BOOKPIC-LY verbs and adjectives and adverbs you can think of that just simply aren't enough to describe how I feel towards said covers so,  I just go ahead and OBSESS over them :D ----------------------------------------
Guys, you know what the problem is when I go ahead and wait to have several covers to showcase here? That I think publishers gather their heads together in order to melt my heart and mind... Have you been near the internet lately?
Have you seen just how many covers have been released? How many redone? And the UK/US/AUS and sometimes some other internationals, covers that come out as well?
Well, there are tons and I think I'…

-A [Fikt] shun Week- The End (Cries)

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This is the end!!!
I had so much fun having such an amazing event over here!! I never, in all my life, would have thought that all these people would agree and support this on my blog! This is definitely one of those things that I'll never NEVER forget!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read and even more so everyone who commented here and there, if you didn't know about Fiktshun, I hope you do now!

Also, I really want to thank each and every single one of the guests that I had here. From bloggers; Jaime, Mindy, Maricar, Ina, Ashley: my neighbor Ana, and authors Samantha Young and M.R. Merrick...but wait...

There are 2 more people I must thank!!!
First is the one and only...
Rachel @ Fiktshun. I didn't know how she would react to this so I'm grateful that I'm still standing and in one piece... That's got to count for something right?
Rachelita!! I hope you had fun and e…

-A [Fikt] shun Week- Day #5

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Friday!!!!!!!!! Wow!! Seems like the week just flew by!! I'm sad to announce 2 things... First, I'm sick T_T BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Second, I cannot believe 'A Fiktshun Week' is almost over you guys!!!!! I hope everyone's having fun!! And continues to as the week is almost but not over just yet!!
Today... I, for the love of the clouds, cannot believe who I managed to reach out to and contact and practically... I can't remember much of the emailing that went on, because seriously...
She's one of the bloggers who, along with Fiktshun, Mindy, Jaime, Jean, Giselle, Momo and so many more, is definitely WAY out of my league. I'm a silent stalker of hers... So far I haven't managed to comment frequently on her blog... I feel like it's too shiny and full of awesome to get spammed with my never-ending comments!
Excuse me if I'm rambling but I seriously seriously cannot believe who's goi…

-A [Fikt] shun Week- Day #4

Well, would you look at that!! Author M.R. Merrick definitely did justice at showing us why he thinks Rachel @ Fiktshun rocks!!! Once again I thank him for being so nice and accepting the invitation to be a part of this!!!!
Don't forget to enter the giveaway going on on THIS post.
Moving on...
Today we have 2 amazing bloggers on the blog, both I met via Fiktshun though in one case... I was already following her when I figured out that she was the same who left comments on Rachel's site... of course it was kind of embarrassing figuring out that the one blog you silently stalked belong to one of the commenters on Rachel's blog without you knowing it... Anyway.
First up! Welcome to the blog
Maricar  from
Maricar! Welcome to the blog! [Fun fact, Maricar's site-Blackplume-was actually the first site on which I was interviewed! It was fun and a bit intimidating :D] Anyway. She's here to share with us why she thinks Rachel's Fiktshun + some more sites... Ro…

-A [Fikt] shun Week- Day #3 + Giveaway

Oh my!!! See?? Everyone loves you Rachel!!!

Welcome to our third day of sharing our love and appreciation for blogger Rachel @ Fiktshun!
I'm having fun and I'm really really happy that you guys decided to take a chance and take part in on this!

Today I have one very special guest!
He's an author, one whose first book I finished just the other day. An author who, by all purposes managed to break my heart into a million pieces in matter of seconds simply with his writing!

You see, if it weren't for Rachel I wouldn't have taken a chance on this author but I'm so very very glad she reviewed his book and dove right into his second one.
I loved Rachel's review of the first book. She has a way with words and if I am not witness enough...
Let's do this author corroborate what we all already know right?

Welcome to the blog!

Author, M.R.Merrick!
You can find him on his,

In case you don't know him, he's the author of  "The Prote…

-A [Fikt] shun Week- Day #2

Oh boy!
Second day and still more to go!

Hope you're getting the hang of things!

Welcome, Welcome... <- sorry, too much The Hunger Games...
Where was I?
Yeap, Fiktshun.

Welcome to the second day on 'A [Fikt] shun Week' love fest!!

I cannot believe I had both Jaime and Samantha on yesterday's post! And to think we'll continue today!

This lovely tuesday and to follow up some of my curious trains of thought I invited to the blog, the one who is responsible of me and my stalking Rachel's blog.

If it weren't for this person and her comments on facebook, I might have never found out about Fiktshun, I would have never gotten to know this completely otherworldly person... HEAD ON THE GAME ALBA!

Enough of my silly introductions.
She's not a blogger nor an author BUT a FOLLOWER/READER. One I appreciate and care about and to whom I'll be forever thankful!
She also guest reviews from time to time on Rachel's site so some of you might already know her!


-A [Fikt] shun Week- Day #1

We're starting you guys!
As I said yesterday on THIS post, this week is

A [Fikt] shun Week! [Also! Ina from Smiling_ina's Bookish Corner made the button slightly smaller so if anyone wants to grab it it's on the sidebar!]

So if you're just joining us, do not worry!! You're just in time and right on schedule.

Today on the blog we have 2 amazing people, they will both be sharing a little bit about why they think Rachel rocks or telling us how they met, or you know just simply going along with the love fest that this week is! One's a blogger/multitasker and the other one is an author.

I 'met'/'got to know about them' thanks to Rachel! Either by reading her torturous reviews of one of the guest's books or catching some of their talk on twitter with the other one.

First up, because I thought to myself, "What better way to start all this than with a person who, I'm sure, loves Rachel as much as I do <-NOT POSSIBLE." And al…

BookPics is Curious -Amazing Blogger, Rachel @ Fiktshun-

In case you didn't get a chance to read my Apology post HERE it is.
But mostly I just said I'm crying over the fact of not having enough free time to do my usual blog-clears throat-Fiktshun-stalking and writing reviews and posts.

I think this post might make a bit more sense if you read that other one.
Consider this a continuation?

But as I said on that post, I miss being here and interacting on the blogosphere... I'm desperate to get done with all these errands and stuff to get my heart rate back to normal and to get my blog-stalking fix schedule right to how it was before... Because I'm freaking out ¬_¬ SHOCK!

The one blog I'm seriously having panic attacks over is Fiktshun.

It's no news that I love Rachel's site. No surprise in the fact that I look up to her the most.
And today, I found myself in a really rare moment of rest? I don't know, I just know I'm at home, early, with spare time to write posts, do some blog stalking and just let myself ge…