-A [Fikt] shun Week- Day #3 + Giveaway

Oh my!!! See?? Everyone loves you Rachel!!!

Welcome to our third day of sharing our love and appreciation for blogger Rachel @ Fiktshun!
I'm having fun and I'm really really happy that you guys decided to take a chance and take part in on this!

Today I have one very special guest!
He's an author, one whose first book I finished just the other day. An author who, by all purposes managed to break my heart into a million pieces in matter of seconds simply with his writing!

You see, if it weren't for Rachel I wouldn't have taken a chance on this author but I'm so very very glad she reviewed his book and dove right into his second one.
I loved Rachel's review of the first book. She has a way with words and if I am not witness enough...
Let's do this author corroborate what we all already know right?

Welcome to the blog!

Author, M.R.Merrick!

You can find him on his,

In case you don't know him, he's the author of  "The Protector" series-one I'm enjoying just right now and in which book tour I'll be participating in the future ;)-

***Every once in a while you stumble across someone who you are dying to get to know, even if the reasoning behind the urge eludes you. There’s something in them that just draws you in. Such was the case for me with Rachel from Fiktshun. I stumbled across her blog, and after my first visit there, I knew I had to learn more about her. I was hooked.

It started out with a minor obsession over her website. She takes such pride in it and it shows, but it wasn't only the appearance of the blog that drew me in, or the content, it was the voice. I've talked about this on my own website. Her writing has such a beautiful rhythmic design that I can’t get enough of.

After I found her blog, I sought out her writing more and more, until finally I managed to work up the courage to reach out to her. I had such respect for this person and I’d never spoken to them. I will admit I was nervous. Her writing had both captivated and intimidated me. But, after spending some time talking with her over social media, I learned that she was more than just captivating words; there was an incredible person behind them.

Rachel is one of those people that has that spark, and it comes through in all of the things she does. Her contribution to The Authors Are Rockstars Tour is a perfect example, as is her blog. She invests herself into a project and you can feel the passion she puts into it.

Rachel has been a pillar of support for me in so many ways, and for someone who works a full-time job, and is so committed to sharing her passion of books over multiple blogging platforms (which is a second full-time job sometimes), Rachel has shared something even importance with me: her time.

In a lot of ways, Rachel is inspirational, even though she doesn't realize it. I read what she writes and I strive to improve. To be able to infuse passion in my words that evoke emotions, like hers do with me. I’m forever thankful for everything she’s done for me, and I feel absolutely honored to have been given the chance to know her.***

[-Gasps- I don't even know what to say... I... Just... Thank you so much for agreeing to this... T_T ]

Author M.R. Merrick's books,


-all images take you to their goodreads pages-

You like-y Rachel? <3333 Hope you do!!

Now for the

I've been a Fiktshun stalker for a while now but there comes a time when Rachel is struck speechless by certain books or she simply loves them so much she can't even express it.
I have a list of books I know, from her reviews or from Jaime, she has loved.
-Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
-Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins
-Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder
-Before I Wake by Rachel Vincent
-A Touch Mortal by Leah Clifford
-Exiled by M.R. Merrick <- KINDLE copy ONLY

In case you win, you'll have to choose the ONE book you want out of the list. I'll send you a paperback copy of it or in case you want Exiled, you'll have to be able to receive KINDLE eBooks copies via email.
[If the book you want is a sequel and you haven't read the first book in the series I'll gladly send you a copy of said book instead, but it'll have to be available in PAPERBACK format.]

-Giveaway is hosted and provided by BookPics
-Giveaway is international as long as Amazon/Fishpond ships to your country. Or you can get amazon kindle eBooks via email.
-Winner will choose/win ONE book only.
-I reserve the right to delete any mysterious entries. ¬¬ Cheaters you've been warned!
-Winner will be chosen by random.org
-Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to reply if not another winner will be picked.
-I reserve the right to extend or shorten the time the giveaway will last.
-BookPics won't be responsible for any damage on the book or lost mail.

Join us tomorrow!!
We'll have 2 more guests!!



  1. Wow! What a great post. After reading M.R.'s passionate words for our fave blogger I'm even more excited to be part of his upcoming tour. Both he and Rachel are inspiring and inspired. I LOVE that.
    Easy answer to Alba's question...I stalk Fiktshun more than anyone- for all the reasons above.

  2. I am very fond of Rachel @parajunkees designs and Rachel @Fiktshun . I love visiting her blogs because the designs are so fantastic, and that is due to parajunkee Rachels awesomeness . I visit both these blogs regularly on a daily basis, and I have to agree that Fiktshun Rachel is a very good review writer. I respect and admire both Rachels a lot .

    I DO HOPE I WIN :p

  3. I really like Rachel's blog too, as well as Mindy's at Magical Urban Fantasy Reads, and Mundie Moms :)

  4. Completely agree with him. Her writting is captivating, makes me wanna read every single book with her reviews.

  5. Oh, I love this post!!! I'm almost done with Exiled and I don't think M.R. Merrick needs to improve much - I'm feeling plenty of emotions already. *lol*

    You already know my answer, of course. ;) Definitely Fiktshun! I'll check it every single day. :D Other blogs I love are Two Chicks On Books, Magical Urban Fantasy Reads, YA Sisterhood, Stuck On Books, to only name a few. ;)

    Thank you so much for being so generous, Alba! *hugs* <3

    1. <33333333
      I love me some Magical Urban Fantasy reads!!!

  6. I love Books 4 Juliet, April is so sweet and funny.
    I also read Rachel's blog a lot and Shane´s itching for books!

  7. I have two bloggers I always, ALWAYS stalk daily! Fiktshun and Jean BookNerd. They are my rock star bloggers!
    I haven't read any book of M.R Merrick, but after this post I now know I NEED to get a copy of the books.
    Thank you so much for the giveaway!*YAYYYY, Fishpond* ^__^

    1. My rafflecopter name is Ileana A. :)

    2. :D
      Good!!! Matthew's books are AWESOME!!!
      As for fishpond... I do hope the book arrives!!!

  8. Oh wow, this is awesome! Alba, you are such a sneaky girl. Can't believe you wrangled Matty, who is in the middle of a crazy work schedule, to talk about lowly ole me.

    And Matty, I still hope you like the site with its new design and constantly changing headers. :) But I can't imagine what there is about me that would have drawn you in. That fact eludes me too. :)

    And I don't even know what to say. You have rendered me speechless. I much prefer our witty banter on the interwebs as I... Yeah I don't know what to say.

    You rock. Your series rocks. I can't believe you took the time out to ramble about me. And I am so incredibly honored that you did. Though I am still waiting for that promised photo. Superman was it?


    *uncomfortable situation averted*

    Alba, I will pay you back for all of this. :) ;0)

    1. First off, I love the ever-changing evolution that has become your website. It refreshing, to say the least.

      Second, I am never too busy to share the Fiktshun love. You can deflect the compliments (see: truth) all you like, but it will do no good :)

      Third, I spent an entire day going from costume shop to costume shop. I tried on EVERY superhero outfit they had, and they're all too small. Apparently superman has nothing on me. I'll have to practice my sewing skills and put together my own costume I guess. Although now I'm going to tweet you my CatMan photo.

      And lastly, I think you're awesome.

    2. You should have taken pics in all the "too small" costumes. Then you could have created a montage :) And I love the CatMan photo but of course that brings back all my Halloween nightmare stories. Especially the one I reuse to reveal publicly. LOL.

      No such thing as payback...


  9. I love this!! What a way to show the love :) Great post Alba and od course I look up to you and Rachel :)

  10. Hmm..Well I do love going to Fiktshun's blog, I love going to this blog too! I'm not much of a blog stalker, but most of my friends have blogs, so I love visiting their blogs once in a while! (:

  11. I always enjoy the reviews on PRIMROSE MUSINGS.

  12. I love Fiktshun anf Jean BookNerd i am a silent stalker on both the blogs... :)

  13. I'm a huge Fiktshun fan! Maybe we should create a group called FIKTSHUN'S LITTLE ROCKSTARS!

  14. Would definitely be Fiktshun! Ever since I entered the online book world, I had no idea existed before my Nook.

  15. I love Fiktshun! She's the first book blog I ever found.

  16. I like to visit Primrose Musings!

  17. I crazy stalk Smash Attack Reads, but it's okay because she stalks me too. ;)

  18. I stalk a lot of blogs-though I suppose Sparkles and Lightning, Book Blog and Stuff, WhatOrliDid, Everything About Ella, Un arc-en vintage, Art for no Sake and Ebony Black Lines are the ones I stalk the most!


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