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K-Song of the Week - Crazy by 4MINUTE

Hello my beautiful people!!

As I told you on the last post I'm going to start talking about a lot more than just books over here on the blog. Although I might just have to make a whole new blog to talk all about my new addictions: Makeup and K-pop respectively...

But don't worry I'll still be reading and reviewing books ;)

Now on to the main topic of this entry :D

Thanks to koreaboo (a kpop-kworld site I visit almost daily) I found out about 4MINUTE's new video and WOAH! What a video!!

--->>> 4MINUTE is back and better than ever! The girls show off an amazing updated look unlike anything fans have seen in the group’s previous promotions with their 6th mini-album and title track, “Crazy.”
Released on February 9th at noon KST, 4MINUTE goes crazy in their new hip-hop dance track, a bass and trap sound mixed in to create a powerful song. The music video is completely monotone in black and white, but only goes further to highlight the members’ powerful presence and c…