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-review- Silver by Talia Vance

Goodreads shortie:
Brianna has always felt invisible. People stare right past her, including the one boy she can't resist, Blake Williams. But everything changes at a house party where Brianna's charm bracelet slips off and time stands still. In that one frozen, silver moment, Blake not only sees her, he recognizes something deep inside her she's been hiding even from herself.
The characters-scenery: I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved each and every single character in this book. I've rummaged through all my mind and vocabulary and I've come up empty-handed.
Whether I was reading a scene with Brianna or with Blake, with Austin or with Chelsea, with Joe or with Haley. 

I am truly at a loss.
ALL the characters made me feel, ALL characters inspired emotions. 

Whether I was laughing or crying or cursing-yes, this book made me curse people T_T and I don't curse at all! I'm even surprised I knew how!-or smiling or melting or getting all hot and bo…

-rookie English & Spanish review- If I Stay by Gayle Forman #YASaves

[Non edited] OMG! This book literally took my breath away...
I LOVE the way it's written! like lyrics from a song or something...
the life of this girl Mia...leaves you speechless...
one moment you're having breakfast with your family the next're totally alone, with not one person being able to help you but yourself!

Mia has to choose between coming back to life as "she doesn't know it" or simply give in and reunite with her whole it worth it to stay in this world?
or is it going to be too much to bear?
will the love from the people still alive be enough?
will Adam, Kim, gran, gramps, Henry, Willow be reason enough for her to decide to stay??
it's a really realistic and touching story, a one that made tears run down my face with me not noticing until they wet some of the pages from the book...

I give this book 10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I …

-rookie review- Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

[Non edited] I know that when I read the first hunger games book I said that it reminded me form the Uglies series...not anymore! AT ALL!!
this book...from start to finish was a world on it own...I can practically feel it happening all around you...
I think I would never EVER! be able to overcome everything Katniss manages to on this 3rd and last book...
who's the enemy? who's your friend? who to trust????really really trust??
when to give up? when to kill? when to speak? when to kiss? when to CRY??
if the book ended up with Katniss not crying at all over all the loses she's had over all the books I would've ended up not liking the book at all...
but GOD!! did it blew me away! between rescuing Peeta, trying not to loose the only true friend she's had her entire life Gale, watching as her sister Prim grows up without her being able to prevent it, following orders from yet another president who seems to have a liking for games as well as Snow, Coin, and an endl…

-rookie review- Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

[Non edited]
I'll just go ahead and say I loved this book so much more than the first's just that it hooked me right from the beginning while the 1st only achieved to do that like halfway through the book...
I really can't see how they're going to manage doing all this things from the book into a movie but it BETTER BE GOOD!! Katniss and her new dilema of living or dying for...
what's worth more?? her life? or Peeta's??
glad we get to see more of every character in here...
from BFF GALE to president Snow...
and really take pitty on Katniss...when everyone you trusted betrayed you and the ones who haven't they make sure to let you know they don't want your trust but your life...when everything you believed is not anymore...when the o…

-rookie review- The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

[Non edited]
I have to admit that at first I got this feeling of dejavĂș from The Uglies series...
still...way out of proportion^^
loved the whole idea of the hunger games and the world as it is...
so...Katniss(had a hard time remembering our heroine's name...but I think I've manage it) resuming has lost her father, mother too by not being able to trust her,and the only ones left for her are pr
im her little 12 year-old sister and her bff Gale...
they do EVERYTHING when she finds herself going to the hunger games with no other but the boy responsible for being alive until that very moment...the world turns up-side-down!
they literally have to kill every other 22 kids from 12 to 18 that go from the other 11 districts apart from hers and Peeta's...(the GUY)
everything goes...uhm...let's say right...until the rules of the game changes and she has to depend not only on herself but on other people too...(don't want to spoil anything)
I guess that's as far as I&#…

-rookie review- Hunger by Jackie Morse Kessler

[Non edited] Really hard-sad-happy-tear-filled story... I started this book not so sure if I would be able to enjoy it let alone finish it. But ended up so captured in the story of Lisa that I couldn't decide wether to laugh or be mad at her.
She struggles definitely completely fights with herself to be THIN!!ugh!!
the way Kessler put this story into words left me wondering if there could be an answer to all o
f our problems that could be that simple and yet because of its simpleness we don't see it 'cause we're always thinking that the answer to all of our problems have to be BY FACT difficult and hard to reach.
So seeing this girl fighting with anorexia thinking that it's her againts the world, that she alone has the BIGGEST problem of the universe, realize that when she is neglecting herself to EAT to be HEALTHY there are people all around the world dying for that pice of lettuce she just threw up...
A really down-to-earth yet magic-filled story of anorexia and the …

Hollowed Blog Tour Stop- Interviewing Author Kelley York

Hello my beautiful BookPic-ERS!! Hope you've all been great!  Stalking book blogs, reading books, tweet/facebook-stalking authors, you know, the usual!
As you can see, the Hollowed blog tour stops today by the blog!!! ~Insert me screaming of excitement~
And I'm freaking out because... The VERY Kelley York -gasps- is dropping by to answer my question attack some questions!!
I've told you before, I fell in love with her writing ever since I read her contemporary book, Hushed-review-last year. She captivated me in a way I didn't think possible.
Now, she's expanding her audience with this new book! Fantasy, Paranormal, call it what you like. Hollowed is not only dark-oh yeap, I've started it already. Trust me, you don't want to miss reading it.-but fun AND exciting.
But enough of my ramblings, let's get to the mwahahahaha um, query, I mean,

Thanks Kelley SO very much for the opportunity to take part on the blog tour! Seriously, you have NO, Zero, NO NO NO,…

Bookography #21 -The Tammara Webber Edition-

Bookography is a post created by Kristina from Kristina's World of Books. Where you can combine both of my very favorite things in the world. Photography & Books ;) So grab a camera and do your thing. You don't have to be a professional or anything like that. Just share your love of books through a picture and that's it ;) -She usually posts them on wednesdays~  So make sure you stop by her blog and share the love! **************
So, it's been a while and I think that, again, it's all my fault. I've been so busy with work and running errands that I've completely slacked on posting the pictures I'd love to post. But enough of that.
Here's today's picture.
I can't even tell you how much these 4 books mean to me. I seriously just can't.

I cried when I got them... The thing is, I love each and every single one of them, and this picture is representing yet, another HUGE step on Tammara's writing career.
Now ALL of her 4 publis…

BookPics is Curious- Blog Tours

-Lol I wanted to make a button but this seemed easier and faster. For now-
Hey my beautiful people!
Hope you're all having fun reading all the amazing books or writing or smiling or you know the usual haha... Whatever that is ^__________^


Lately I've been seeing a lot of Book blog tours going on.

When I first started to stalk book pages on facebook I never even saw a link to a blog tour, let alone know what one was supposed to be about.

Later on I found out about book blogs but only randomly saw the famous post titled 'Tour Stop' or 'Blog Tour Giveaway' or things between those lines... I almost never read the posts, I mean, I didn't know what they were and as ignorant as I was I don't think I ever stopped to discover just what the post was about.

I think it took me almost a year to discover that the famous 'Tours' were all about promoting a book before, when, and after their scheduled release dates.

Believe me, I thought it was genius an…

-Cover Reveal- Forever Hers by E.B. Walters

Look LOOK!!
I've got an amazing cover to reveal, even if it's a bit late, still... I didn't want to pass up the chance to share it with you guys :D

Release Date: October 15th 2012
Book Description:

She wants her past hidden…

Amy Kincaid is running from her controlling ex-husband, who will stop at nothing to find her. With a new identity and a new job as a housekeeper, she just wants to be left alone to raise her daughter. Then Eddie Fitzgerald rolls into town and turns her world upside down.

He’s in the business of exposing the truth…

Eddie Fitzgerald, L.A.P.D.'s finest, lives for his job and nothing else, until he decides to take a break at the family summer home and is held at gunpoint by the most annoying, sassiest woman to ever cross his path. But something is off about Amy, and the more he learns about her, the more he’s convinced she’s a fugitive.

When her past catches up to her, Amy has no choice but to trust Eddie. Unfortunately, Eddie has demons of his ow…

Cover Obsession #14 The HOT Edition

Cover Obsession is a feature here on BookPics. -I really don't know if anyone else does it as I do but I'm not trying to steal any other ideas out there- In which I tell you what new book covers I'm completely in love with, pinning for, drooling over, tearing-up over, going all OH CLOUD! on and all the other AMAZING-FANTASTIC-AWESOME-BOOKPIC-LY verbs and adjectives and adverbs you can think of that just simply aren't enough to describe how I feel towards said covers so,  I just go ahead and OBSESS over them :D ---------------------

This kind of thing isn't normal... I feel like I'm going to cry by just looking at these gorgeousness!
Look at her... Trying her very very best to get to him!!! I love it.... Gives me the feeling that she's willing to risk a lot for this man... Um... I cannot wait for the book!!!! Add to that the fact that this is by one of my very short list of favorite indie authors and you've got yourself a REALLY impatien…

Happy Birthday- To Me!!!


Today's my birthday!!!
I feel so old now! lol


It's my birthday!!!
Let's party...

~now I'm thinking this post should have never been a post in the first place lol, kind of no point~

So yeap...

Who else here was born on August?? >.<
I feel is a wickedly awesome month if I do say so myself :D

And hopefully next week I'll finally be able to catch up on blog stalking and blog posting...
Just finished holidays here now, my birthday... And finally... then... then... Blog stalking, commenting, reading!!! Posting and more!!!

Also remember the giveaway going on on THIS post~button also on sidebar.~

Remember... Keep reading!