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Hey my beautiful people!
Hope you're all having fun reading all the amazing books or writing or smiling or you know the usual haha... Whatever that is ^__________^


Lately I've been seeing a lot of Book blog tours going on.

When I first started to stalk book pages on facebook I never even saw a link to a blog tour, let alone know what one was supposed to be about.

Later on I found out about book blogs but only randomly saw the famous post titled 'Tour Stop' or 'Blog Tour Giveaway' or things between those lines... I almost never read the posts, I mean, I didn't know what they were and as ignorant as I was I don't think I ever stopped to discover just what the post was about.

I think it took me almost a year to discover that the famous 'Tours' were all about promoting a book before, when, and after their scheduled release dates.

Believe me, I thought it was genius and awesome and all kinds of fun... And I started to follow them fiercely, that's basically how I got to 'know', 'meet', and follow so many blogs on such a short time!


I couldn't keep up!

I swear to you I tried my hardest to stop by at least, 80% of all the blogs that participated in only one tour. Imagine when there were several going on and I wanted to take part in each and every single one of them.

I felt like the worst person and book-lover, blog-stalking persona ever.

I mean, there are a lot of great things that happen throughout a blog tour; you have special content revealed, author interviews, character interviews, giveaways, book excerpts, reviews, guest posts by either authors or characters... infinite content and all there for you to feast on!!!!

I almost couldn't believe it!

But still, I couldn't catch up. And I seriously don't like to just go ahead and follow a blog for the sake of entering a giveaway much less just leave a simple 'Thanks for the Giveaway' (unless there's only a giveaway post without anything else added to it.) comment, I don't know you but if you are knew to the blog or to me, haha, my comments are LOOOOOOONGER than life, even more so on the blog I stalk daily and blogs I stalk weekly...

My freak persona just doesn't like to be 'one more' I want the person writing the post(blogger) and participating on the blog tour, to know, to feel that I've read her/his post, that I've taken the time to check the interview out, to read the guest post the author, Oh so AWESOMELY took the time to write...

I'm a freak and I love it hahaha. Anyway, my comments will be a discussion for another 'BookPics is Curious' post haha.

Continuing and trying to get to the point here.

Afterwards...I started to get to know more about blog tours, know a bit more about the people that hosted, people that could participate AND -where I come in- the people, and when I say people I mean bloggers haha, that couldn't participate.

I was good, I thought it was just too much responsibility, promoting a book from a beloved author is not something I take lightly, I was happy about it. I was happy and cool and safe on the comfort zone that was my role as a blog stalker and random 'blog tour' stalker....

Then came my first chance... my VERY first chance at participating!
Blog Tour + Me + First Chance =
Complete and utter fail!

I know, I know... Let me tell you the reason.

I was sooo excited about participating that I didn't take the time to get to know a bit about the book I was going to be promoting, about the author... Nothing, I was a really bad girl and didn't do all the research I've always done when starting something...

Suffice it to say... I was done with blog tours and more so... done with stalking them...

I didn't think I could do it... I didn't think I had it in me to be able to be a 'Stop' on the so coveted 'blog tour Z' or 'blog tour X'...

I gave up....



I had given up right?
I KNOW I did!

FAIL again!

I said yes to participating on one other blog tour before... before... ~sniff~ Before the unthinkable happened...
I couldn't say NO to the tour I'm currently in. -Authors Are Rockstars- is pretty much my dream come true...
I took a time to just cry of happiness when I got a stop... And I think this tour might, MIGHT have just cured me of my aversion to participating in any other...-look at sidebar and see on just how many I'm participating or will be participating soon- blog tours *_________*

Argh... this isn't getting anywhere so I'll just stop here...

The thing was...

Do you follow blog tours?
If so, how do you manage to do it?
Do you comment a lot?
What's the best part, based on personal experience, of following them?
Have you ever participated on a blog tour? Better yet Ever hosted a blog tour?
Did you enjoy your experience?
Do you think you'll ever be participating in the near future?
Did you ever have a bad experience with one?

Argh, so many questions... I promise to you I had a lot of questions when I first started this post... Now I'm blank...


Remember that my stop on the Authors Are Rockstars blog tour was here last week! And the giveaway is still going on! (Check sidebar and click on the giveaway button.) And also, the Hallowed stop is coming soon! Kelley York will be stopping by the blog to answer some questions :D and, Ashen Winter stop is also on it's way...
Remember that I love stalkers hahaha


PS. Sorry the post was so long T_T


  1. I definitely agree that stalking blog tours can be soooo exhausting! Every time I check my Google Reader, a majority of the posts are dedicated to blog tours. But they're invaluable. There have been times when I've seen the same book promoted on my feed so often that I finally say, "GEEZ, FINE, I'll go see what the book is about!" ...and end up really liking it, haha.

    I'm really happy you're participating in the HOLLOWED tour!! :)

    1. I know! Though I've never thought "Geez, Fine, I'll goo see what the book's about!"... I'm really picky when it comes to buying books...
      And since I had given up on following them I missed a lot of tours the first 5 months of this year.

      I'll always stop by a post where the author's being interviewed or where a character is being featured.
      I've always felt that you can seriously get the feeling of the book with a character interview :D

      I'm SO excited!!
      And-FAIL-I cannot believe I wrote HAllowed T_T I stink!

  2. I can understand that following all those blog tours can be exhausting, but it's so much fun. You can always stop and visit people's blog that you're really interested in. Just be selective. Like how you joined the Authors are Rockstars Tour stop! That's something you're interested in.

    I always participate in blog tours because all these new books that are being released is such a great way to get it out there and promote it. I don't know if anyone has actually bought a book just by reading one of my blog tour posts, but it does help to spread the word.

    I will always participate in blog tours only if the book is interesting enough to read.

    I've never had a bad experience with a blog tour so when it happens, it really won't deter me away from them.

    Giselle from Book Nerd Canada

    1. I've thought about it hehehe, just following the tour with me being selective... And when I say selective I mean, just blogs I'm following already.
      But then, I feel bad. Because every single blogger has worked hard for that 'tour stop' so I end up visiting each and every single one or not visiting any at all.

      I'm so weird.

      That's what happened with me the first time, I didn't even know if the book was interesting enough to read, for me. :/

      But hopefully I'm learning...

      Thanks for commenting :D

  3. I am terrible at following blog tours. I like certain features on blog tours, but not all. I won't visit a review blog tour unless I've read and reviewed the book. I don't want someone else's take unless I've formed my own opinion first.

    I do follow shorter tours or ones for Rachel Vincent. :) And I follow most stops on Jennifer Armentrout's tours. But I'm terrible about commenting and I don't enter the giveaways, except very, very rarely.

    Of course with the Rockstars Tour I have to visit and comment on each and every one of the stops except for my own. :)

    I love top ten lists, funny author guest posts, teaser quotes and passages and character interviews. I also like hearing about the writing process. As I'm always fascinated by how an author comes up with their stories and characters.

    As far as participation - I've participated on a few. I prefer ones that are organized to ones where I'm stressing until the very last minute about getting my post. I've been on one very unpleasant blog tour but the rest were well organized even though they were somewhat stressful if I didn't get my post until the last minute.

    I've hosted one blog tour and it likely will be my first and last. As you know, it was an experiment, and one that while it had so much to love about it, it brought out some of my less than stellar qualities so I'd prefer not to host one again.

    I'm so glad that you're getting into the tour game again. It's a great way to help promote the authors you love. Just join ones with trusted bloggers or authors and make sure that there are options - i.e., if you don't love a book, to have an alternate kind of post or an ability to opt out of the tour.

    I haven't heard of this Hollowed book before, though I saw someone else on the tour... May have to check that out. Curious who the author is. Wish it was in the button!

    And so excited for you about Ashen Winter! xxxx :)

    1. I stink stink stink at following blog tours :'(

      Argh, I wasn't even able to follow Rachel Vincent's even if I was trying my very best to.

      I've read one or two stops on Jennifer L. Armentrout tours, but I'm still, until this very day, wary of reading her books. :'(

      I think it's the only author I've never immediately added to my wishlist-though it's there already-after reading a review of yours...

      I love top tens :D hehehe I think it's one of my fave, whether chosen by the author or any character :D

      Awwwwwe, I was rooting for you hosting more after this one.

      I am!! I can't believe I'm starting to participate now!!

      And yeap, I'm checking those, opt out or other options now that I've had my share of bad experieces.

      It's Hollowed by Kelley York, author of Hushed, which I might add I read because of you :D

      Don't remind me!!!

  4. This is how I feel about blog hops - I am totally addicted to them and they are totally impossible to visit every stop on the hop! OMG, some of them have a hundred or more for only a week long hop!! But they are SOO much fun.

    1. Hopping?

      Um, this is a bit different.
      But I get what you say :D

      Blog hopping is mostly to give shout outs, to up' the # of followers for blogs that are new, etc.

      And I've sometimes followed them... still do. From time to time that is :D


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