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-Cover Reveal- The Midnight Spell by Rhiannon Frater & Kody Boye

Welcome to another cover reveal!!
Today I got the extreme and amazing pleasure to introduce to you...

The Midnight Spell Book Cover!!!

Oh my god!!! Would you look at that!!! It isn't a surprise to me that the cover was designed by Phatpuppy Art!! I have to say I'm in love with the background more than the front image AND the cat. ;)
I mean, there is NO way you can't know it's midnight in that image!! I also love how we can't see the girl's expression, giving us no insight as to what her feelings might be.

Anyway, let's read more about the book and the authors ;)

The Midnight Spell, publication, February, 2013
~Goodreads~ "Best friends since kindergarten, Adam and Christy have always been the perpetual outsiders in their small town in Texas. The other kids call Adam gay and Christy a witch.

On both counts the bullies are right.

Their junior year in high school seems destined to be the same old same old until Christy decides to cast a love spell for Adam a…

A Break!

As you can see my beautiful people, lately I haven't been posting much...
But that's because I've be
en swallowed whole by tons of RL things... Specially...
House hunting!
We started the long and tiresome process almost 3 months ago and now I can officially and finally say...
Those of you who know me know the why of me and my fam, moving... And well, for those of you who don't.. let's just say... We were kind of scared of continuing living there...
Since we got the house, the keys were given to us just this afternoon... That means,
You see... packing, for me, is kind of fun because I get to gather things for charity and toys to donate... But when it comes to other stuff... Have in mind that I still live with my family... We ALL 5, have to start packing as soon as we can... I myself cannot wait to start living, sleeping, eating, READING, and well everything at thenew place but argh... if you could see just how much stuff... You…

-Book Shout Out!- Exiled & Shift by M.R. Merrick + Giveaway

I'm completely thrilled to be taking part in the blog tour for book #3 on The Protector Series by author M.R. Merrick, Release!! (See sidebar to know the day it'll stop by on BookPics) I'm currently reading book 2, Shift and my review for Exiled
I cannot begin to tell you what a surprise these books have been to me, a good one... Since Release it's almost out... I'm giving a shout-out to the 2 books that precede it!! 
With an excerpt for book one -Exiled- and a giveaway for book two -Shift- I hope you're more than willing to give this series a shot! Here it goes!! -Thanks Val and author M.R. Merrick for being awesome.-  

Power Will Flourish
Lives Will be Lost
Nothing, Will be Forgotten

***Chase Williams is a demon hunter in the Circle, or at least he was supposed to be. On his fifteenth birthday, Chase stepped up to the altar to claim his elemental power, but it never came. Elemental magic is passed down to a hunter through the bloodline, but on Chase's birthd…

-review- Exiled by M.R. Merrick

Goodreads Shortie: Chase Williams is a demon hunter in the Circle, or at least he was supposed to be. On his fifteenth birthday, Chase stepped up to the altar to claim his elemental power, but it never came. Elemental magic is passed down to a hunter through the bloodline, but on Chase's birthday, the bloodline stopped.

Exiled without the Circle's protection, Chase has spent two years trying to survive a world riddled with half-demons and magic. When he has a run in with a frightened and seemingly innocent demon, he learns the Circle's agenda has changed...

The characters-scenery: Well, I have to say... Rayna... That name completely made it for me...
It was awesome, unique-at least for me-and well I thought it suited the female main character PERFECTLY!
Chase's story was so well written. I literally could imagine every single thing that author Merrick described.

I instantly clicked with 3 characters. First it was Chase... being exiled from the only place you have ever…

Cover Obsession #18

Cover Obsession is a feature here on BookPics. -I really don't know if anyone else does it as I do but I'm not trying to steal any other ideas out there- In which I tell you what new book covers I'm completely in love with, pinning for, drooling over, tearing-up over, going all OH CLOUD! on and all the other AMAZING-FANTASTIC-AWESOME-BOOKPIC-LY verbs and adjectives and adverbs you can think of that just simply aren't enough to describe how I feel towards said covers so,  I just go ahead and OBSESS over them :D ----------------------------------------
Please people!! Can we have a break... I mean... There's got to be some limit to how much I can obsess over one book cover... My eyes hurt from all the gorgeousness plus my pockets are getting emptier and emptier by the minute... Even if the books don't come here...
I have this one book cover I'm obsessing over this day... I JUST found it and... boy! It is AWESOME!
Ironskin by Tina Connolly Wou…

Stacking the Shelves #15

Stacking The Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews. Where you can post all the books that you're adding to your shelves each week. Inspired by TST IMMs' posts.
Seriously you guys! I should be sued for not posting much the past week :'( I'm sorry... But well... Here I am showcasing the one book I purchased, I think... Like a week or so ago...  You know I don't post much the eBooks I weekly get on my kindle because, seriously. I read printed books the most... Anyway. I got this one book or shall I say... Novella... With the sole purpose of owning it since I cannot imagine myself reading it until I can get the book that follows it...

Here's what will be stacking my shelves this week
-Or shall I say, kindle? *************
Destroy Me by Tahereh Mafi [Shatter Me #1.5]
Okay, first of all, I have to say that... Even though I am NOT a fan of covers being redone... I do like this one and the new cover for Shatter Me though I definitely do NOT agree in the LEAST... Abou…

-Cover Reveal- Pieces by Michelle Davidson Argyle

Hello my beautiful people!
What other better way to start the week than revealing a cover for a book I'm dying to read!!!
I'm still pinning for the first one, there's just something about the description that has me hanging on its every word... Seriously I don't know why I don't own it... Will have to fix that as soon as I can!


Take a look at the synopsis of the book:

***Two years after watching her kidnappers go to prison, Naomi Jensen is still in love with one of them. Jesse will be released in a few years, and Naomi knows college is the perfect distraction while she waits. But when her new friend Finn makes her question what is right and what is wrong, she begins to wonder if Jesse is the one for her … until she discovers he's out on parole. Naomi must sort through her confusion to figure out where love and freedom truly lie—in Finn, who has no connections to her past, or Jesse, who has just asked her to run away with him.

Pieces is a co…

Away for a bit..

Hi my beautiful people!
I'm writing a short post just to let you know that I won't be here today, Friday Nov. 2nd and tomorrow, saturday Nov. 3rd.
I seriously don't know how it slipped my mind... but it's kind of like a holiday so there you have it.--Yes, this means I won't be able to draw any winner on the giveaways nor contac them... So I might as well open them a week more... stop by on monday and you'll be able to enter, if you haven't still, for all next week so do not fret ;) --I had planned on posting 2 reviews but obviously that is NOT happening :'(
Hope you all have a lovely weekend and read tons!!!I started rererererereading the Night Huntress series just yesterday... I'm almost done with the first one...
I seriously didn't know it was possible... but, apparently I have fallen even more deeply in love with Bones...
We shall do something fun next week!! When I'm home from my short trip hehehehe.
Say like... a read along on s…