A Break!

As you can see my beautiful people, lately I haven't been posting much...
But that's because I've be
en swallowed whole by tons of RL things... Specially...
House hunting!
We started the long and tiresome process almost 3 months ago and now I can officially and finally say...
Those of you who know me know the why of me and my fam, moving... And well, for those of you who don't.. let's just say... We were kind of scared of continuing living there...
Since we got the house, the keys were given to us just this afternoon... That means,
You see... packing, for me, is kind of fun because I get to gather things for charity and toys to donate... But when it comes to other stuff... Have in mind that I still live with my family... We ALL 5, have to start packing as soon as we can... I myself cannot wait to start living, sleeping, eating, READING, and well everything at thenew place but argh... if you could see just how much stuff... You'd run away crying for help, trust me!
But see... packing is also bad for me... I am SERIOUSLY allergic to dust... not the sneeze sneeze kind of thing... but the sneeze!!!! snot, tears, swollen eyes to the point of blindness, kind of allergic... Take for instance, my mom JUST started packing some stuff and I merely PASSED THROUGH and now I am writing this with my nose feeling huge and my eyes tearing up all the time... I cannot stop sneezing for christs sake!
The point of thise whole ramble is, since everything is going to be kind of hectic around here lately and I am definitely not going to be able to post anythin at all this coming weekend... But lately I feel like I promise posts and other stuff on the blog and I never get to them so instead of promising that I am going to be back on full swing with reviews and posts this coming monday I rather just say I will take the whole week with the moving... And if in case I can come here early,well, I'll just surprise you guys!
Anyway... I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Thanks so much for sticking with me through all these past 3 months with my crappy blogging or lack of it... :'(
But really really... This thing with the house was taking not only time but also a lot of space in my mind but hopefully that will end soon with the moving and hey... I shall take some pictures right??? <3<3<3<3
Thank you thank you!!!
Keep reading!!
Be thankful! QDLB!!!!!!
Oh, amd in case you wanted to know, I am currently rereading the NIGHT HUNTRESS series and I plan to reread THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series after that, what do you think? Good idea? Bad?
Sorry for all the horrors and mistakes on the post... I didn't have time to get into my laptop :/ So my tablet will have to make do, for now.
See ya when I see ya!!
I shall VLOG from the new house soon people!!
Oooh, and the giveaway winners! I shall draw them next week :(
I will leave you now <3<3


  1. Moving sucks!! Glad it only took you 3 months to find a place. It took us over a year to find the house we live in now! -__-
    Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Congrats on the move, its too bad on the dust though! I can't imagine trying to move and being that allergic to it! Eeek! :( though moving when you're in a crappier place and getting to go to a new better place is always exciting :)

    I love Jeaniene and recently I was re-listening to the audio version of the Night huntress series since I love Cat and Bones so much :) Got up to book 3 and I went back to Ilona Andrews the Kate Daniels series (which kind of reminds me of Jeaniene Frost in a way) really amazing series, the Magic Bites is the first one ;)

    I've read most of the Mortal series and I really liked it :D Young Adult instead of Adult like Jeaniene's but still good :)

    Hope you have a safe move and if you need more than a week, take it! No point in stressing yourself out over it! ;)

  3. Have fun packing!

    Yes, I think that isa great idea! I was about to start re-read Night Huntress. (:

    Take loads of pictures!

  4. Good luck with the move! So sorry about your major dust allergies. That must be awful with the move. I know people who have major allergies to dust and can barely function. Hopefully you can be outside of your house when things are really being moved around.

    Enjoy the move, the break from blogging, and getting all set up in your new place. Do NOT stress about posting, we'll all be here when you get back. And you'll be way happier to be in the new place, relaxed and with tons of new places to stash your bookish things.

    Try to stay away from that evil dust :( and can't wait until you do your first book haul vlog from your new digs!

    Holler if you need anything! :)


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