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Wish To Be Reading... #4 (Paranormal Romance)

Romance Edition Another Friday, another wishful read.
Oh my GOD!!! I think it's been over a year since the book I want to be reading today was released, I tried to keep up with how the books were being released but by the time I found out about the series 4 were already out so it was easy.
What I didn't expect was my instant addiction to the characters, the story, and the author's writing *^* It's just so, enjoyable and incredible, I'm instantly transported to wherever the story is taking place never mind that I've never been there in my life lol.
Anyway, I caught up but when I found out this was the LAST book in the series I lost it and refused (up until now... still going strong though) to read it. I've been lost in denial ever since, reading and rereading the previous books for all I am worth hehehehe.
So... I really wish I could be able to read (but can't make myself do it even after getting multiple copies...) ~~~~~
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Wish To Be Reading... #3 (YA)

Another Friday, another wishful read.YA Edition!

Today I would love to be able to reread a favorite book of mine.
One that got to me in so many ways, I was a completely different person when I finished reading it.

It was one of the very first contemporary books I read (Second only to, If I Stay by Gayle Forman) and wow, simply wow.

I really wish more people knew about this book but for the time being I'll just wish I could be reading...

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***Marc said he heard the dark song when he creeped houses. The song the predator's heart sings when it hears the heart of the prey. I heard it now. Marc said it had always been in me. Lurking. Waiting for me to hear.***

~~~~~ I loved this book, hope I get to read it again sometime soon.

Until next time my beautiful people <3

New Book Releases, June 2nd

Hello my beautiful people!!

Another week, another tuesday, which means more new books!

Here are some of the books releasing this week.**************
-Modern Monsters by Kelley York [Amazon] (IN NEED OF THIS BOOK!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this author's writing. I simply LOVE it! Thanks to Giselle @ Xpresso Reads for the heads up!)

-Joyride by Anna Banks [Amazon] -Skyscraping by Cordelia Jensen [Amazon] -Sweet by Emmy Laybourne [Amazon]

-Deadly Design by Debra Dockter [Amazon] -Like It Never Happened by Emily Adrian [Amazon] -Because You'll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas [Amazon]

-More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera [Amazon] -The Devil You Know by Trish Doller [Amazon] -Powerless by Tera Lynn Child & Tracy Deebs [Amazon]

-Devoted by Jennifer Mathieu [Amazon] -Beyond The Cut by Sarah Castille [Amazon] -The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson [Amazon]

BookPic of the Week #1 (Bookography #22)

Hello my beautiful people!!!

I want to continue sharing with you my love for photography as well as books.
Whenever I have the chance I mix the both of them. I used to share them on the Facebook page for BookPics but I want to post them here too!!
Also a couple of years ago I joined Kristina's meme called "Bookography" [[Bookography is a post created by Kristina from Kristina's World of Books.]] But just as me she hasn't been posting regularly on her blog so I just thought to continue doing what I was doing (now that I'm back & blogging) but with some slight changes here and there.
Hope you bare with me hehe.

~~~~~ ~~~~~
 I have yet to read this book, that's why I didn't add any quotes.  I liked how it turned out with the picture upside down.
I didn't edit the picture at all XD

Any pretty pictures of books? Quotes? Or scenes that remind you of a book you've read??? Until next time!!  ---hugs!!! --------Alba.
PS. (Forgot to put the watermark …