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-review- Roar by Cora Carmack

"Your head may have forgotten, but your heart has not. Remember that in the future. Now go. She will wake soon."
This book!This book!

Okay, I've got to admit I was wary about reading it because of how hyped the book had somewhat become but guys... guys I don't know how or why or when or really what happened but there was this something about the writing of this book that instantly, just like that -makes clicking sound- had me hooked. 

I loved the innocence but fierceness that Aurora portrayed, she reminded me so much of how teens actually think, at least how I used to think as a teen, alas I wasn't born to be queen of a land plagued by mortal storms or twisters or fog or tidal waves or lightning or fires BUT I sill enjoyed that breath of fresh air that was her and the way she thought and acted. I rooted for all of her... be her Rora or Aurora or Roar or any other name she may come up with. I get ya girl, I get ya.

"I know the taste of a lie better th…

-review- Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

"Know that I loved you," she said to the Darkling. "Know that it was not enough."
That took a while... 20 days to be exact. 
But I'm happy to announce it was worth sticking to it. I got hit by a major reading slump in the middle of reading this so I had to take long long breaks... 

Either way, while pretty predictable and kind of an anticlimactic ending I still enjoyed it.

My favorite parts were definitely the 'Before' & 'After' additions that were in all three books in the trilogy. 
They were perfect, introducing and then ending the story. And the 'After' or was it 'Now' lol either way the last part was one of my favorites of the entire trilogy, it even made me cry which was something I thought this book wouldn't be able to... And you know me and my love for books making me cry, if I cry it means I loved the book so of COURSE that small little part of writing made up for all the slow pace and things I didn'…

-review/thoughts- The Curse Of Tenth Grave by Darynda Jones

Another excellent addition to the series guys!
What am I going to do when it finishes?!


“What other secrets are you hiding behind those sparkling eyes?" He grinned. “You have my heart. That’s where I hide all my secrets.” “Then I guess I don’t have the key.” “Are you kidding? You forged the key.”
Could it be??? Could this really be one of my faves of the Charley-Reyes-Cookie saga? Surely it can't but then... we did get A LOT OF REYES on this one and I'm all for that. 
And can we address the elephant in the room right off the batt?? Like really, seriously. WHO OF YOU SAW THAT SIBLING THING COMING?Who in their right mind would've put two and two together. Math is definitely not my thing, just like Charley, proven by how I couldn't even add up those numbers. 
And BEEP I saw you girl and I imagined you beautiful!Raise their hands all the ones rooting for a spin off for Beep and you-know-who (meeeeeeeeeee)
“In the meantime, I had to get dressed and go to work, becaus…

-thoughts- Bubble And Geek

Hey guys!

So I'm going to be spotlighting and even reviewing some bookish shops on the blog from now on and I decided to start with the one I'm currently repping for on my Instagram account @alba_bookpics

Bubble And Geek has an Etsy and a Website shop site as well and it's owned by Cathy <3
I've got a coupon code you can use at check out for 5$ OFF on your 20$ purchase.
 I'll write it at the end of the post

She has an extensive listing of soy wax candles, from bookish to TV related.

-Winter Is Coming-
Winter Is Coming is one of the candles I got in my rep package and I've got to admit it is my FAVORITE because it smells so incredibly good you guys!!

But guys! There's MORE!
She has lip balms, soap bars, soy wax melts and different sized candles!

The Pumpkin Pasties lipbalm is such a yummy thing! It keeps my lips hydrated for a long period of time and really, pumkin... Need I say more?

Ingredients: Soybean Oil, Beeswax, Sunflower Seed Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter,…

-review- Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor

"She watched the squares of sunlight that her windows threw on the floor. They ought to have moved with the angle of the sun, but she was sure they were frozen in place. Of course today would be the day the sun got stuck in the sky. The gears of the heavens had gotten gummed up, and now it would be daytime forever."
Wow you guys! WOW!
Isn't it a dream come true? To be alive while Laini Taylor is and even more so that she's writing this in my time?Thank you God for this amazing thing. T.T
I started this book really worried because I thought nothing could ever live up to Daughter of Smoke & Bone and all the things that said trilogy made me feel. I'm glad I was wrong.
This book has Laini Taylor written all over it-from the astonishing and delicious writing to the incredible and epic world-building, from the names that sound perfect for the characters in the story to the adventure and magic it made me get lost in.
"There was a kind of euphoria, he had …