-review- Roar by Cora Carmack

"Your head may have forgotten, but your heart has not. Remember that in the future. Now go. She will wake soon."

This book!This book!

Okay, I've got to admit I was wary about reading it because of how hyped the book had somewhat become but guys... guys I don't know how or why or when or really what happened but there was this something about the writing of this book that instantly, just like that -makes clicking sound- had me hooked. 

I loved the innocence but fierceness that Aurora portrayed, she reminded me so much of how teens actually think, at least how I used to think as a teen, alas I wasn't born to be queen of a land plagued by mortal storms or twisters or fog or tidal waves or lightning or fires BUT I sill enjoyed that breath of fresh air that was her and the way she thought and acted. I rooted for all of her... be her Rora or Aurora or Roar or any other name she may come up with. I get ya girl, I get ya.

"I know the taste of a lie better than I know the truth."

And there are so many things happening at once! From Locke to Locke!From one prince to another. From one kingdom to another. From Nova to Sly... and Duke and Ran and Bait and the earth but also the spirit witch and the blood but also the mood and the tears but also the rage and the loss but also the gain!

Every secondary character had an important role to play and I wouldn't had liked it any other way. 

This is such a magical world! I'd love to visit it sooner rather than later. 

I'm all set and ready to go... now if only I had the sequel with me because that Stormlord ending was so cruel! Why!!! Why???? I wanted more and more and more!!!!!

"Punish," he whispered to the storm. "We'll punish them all."


5=~sobs hard~too good to be true!