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-review- Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

-His hair was carefully styled to look like he'd just rolled out of bed. Too bad he didn't have my hair's texture. My hair did that without any styling at all.-
I won this book a while ago, a PB copy but decided to give it to my sister because she's absolutely traumatized and a crazy woman for all things VA and then BOOM the local book store surprised me when I saw this on their shelves..a shiny awesome HC copy (I'm a stinker for HC), so I bought it and now I have a copy of my own!
Okay, I know that after this all Demitri lovers will hate me but I just have I'll be adding some iron bars to protect my room along with some mines and stuff like that...just simple >.< but... I'm going with all the things I felt while reading the book, all the caught breaths, all the tears, all the smiles, and well everything that the book awoke in me and...I really love this book WAAAAY more than all the VA ones put together...maybe not ALL of them but certainly this…

-review- Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey

- Something wrenched itself in my stomach. Someone finally cared about me, and I didn't deserve it. -

Before I try to make this short and brief I have to ask forgiveness T-T I read this in October!!! OCTOBER and not until now I'm writing the of course I had to go and skim the book again to be refreshed by it's completely DIFFERENT AMAZING AND SIMPLY GENIUS content!
I admit I thought I was going to be biased because Fiktshun liked it but THANK GOD I found my very own reason to love it 1. Scott Tracey's complete new concept of witch, of pov's and of, really, drama! 2. I'm in love with a guy who a) Is completely fictional(who of us isn't) b) Is or roots or goes or whatever you want to call it, for the other team T-T WHY oh WHY and c) the COVER of the book is awesome!

I'm in love with a guy whose eyes have a power I never even thought could be thought upon ;)
Braden his persona is completely likeable and sweet and shy and well he's s…

New on the BookPics TBR-List #6

Here I am once again adding up to my never ending TBR list :P and hopefully I'll keep it that way forever and ever and ever and...well you get it!

By clicking on the images you'll be directed to their goodreads page ;)

That's it---yeap not so much listed right? But I seriously would never end if I keep going so this is it for this week ;)  And yeap THIS ARE ALL 2012 release books! Anything new on your TBR list?


IMM is hosted by The Story Siren I looove love her blog! So you really should check it out!
OMG!!!!!! Guys!! This WEEK!! This WEEK!!! T-T ~I'm forever grateful thankful and humbled with all the people I've met!~ Believe me and if you still don't please be sure to take a look at my Thanksgiving Letter T-T it might be clearer then!
-sorry, I won't be listing what I got. I made the post in a hurry this time T-T forgive me pleaseeeee!-

What did YOU get in your mail boxes???

Letter: Wish Of Thanksgiving

To all whom I mention and forgot to mention here:
As many of you may know and if you didn't I'm not from the US or any other country that celebrates Thanksgivng...and for me? That literally stinks : / I wish we would  celebrate it here now more than ever, because this year has been soooo different for me, I've met so many people, introduced myself to so many books, talked to so many authors, and even though life with my family isn't perfect...who said it would? So I was thinking first on doing a vlog saying all this that I'm writing right now but then I remember just how much of a cry baby I am and decided against it, later I thought about not doing it at all...I mean is not like I have tons of people who would come here and read-at least-this post so, in the end I thought, Oh, well why not? I least I get it off my system without you seeing me cry.
So I'd like to say thank you to or for the following.
1.Life!!!!!! People, seriously? What'd we do without…

New on the BookPics TBR-List #5

It's been a while...but here I am. This time I'm putting up books I THOUGHT I had on my TBR list and when I went there and checked THEY WEREN'T!~imagine my complete HUGE freak out! hahaha~ anyways I want and have this on my tbr-list AND they are all there thanks to.......................................... yeap FIKTSHUN ;) (All images take you to their goodreads page)

All are the Hardback covers except for the last one...apparently there isn't any for now...just the Paperback :/ but there you go! All FIVE books on the Escape From Furnace series. Anything new on your TBR lists this week?

IMM #10 Belive It Or Not I BOUGHT THEM! -one

Yes beautiful people!
It felt like Christmas when I saw these books at the local book store T-T I completely freaked out and jumped and well seriously made a fool out of myself when I saw them!
So thank you to whoever heard me up there and sent this books to my country I will never be able to get over this!

IMM is hosted by The Story Siren I looove love her blog! So you really should check it out!

Enough with the talk let me present you my to-scream-for picture of books I got this week...just go along with me and freak out or scream or well just seem impressed please! Believe me this is a complete miracle!

And I also was lent a children-book from my english class friend, Michelle. Thanks Michelle! my little sister has already devoured it so now it's my turn!

So, that's what I got this week IMM the picture of the swag I got won't upload so I'll feature it on next week's post! Until then...what did YOU get in your …

IMM#9 The I-couldn't-wait-longer-to-show-you Edition

After a week of no IMM I'm back with my rambling vlog! This week was definitely full of surprises specially yesterday when I got a note from the PO to pick a package up...but I'll let the video tell you everything!
IMM is hosted by The Story Siren I looove love her blog! So you really should check it out!

For the very first time FOR REVIEW-printed- Bone Dressing by Michelle I. Brooks (PB-Signed)
Bought Possession by Elana Johnson (HB) Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor (HB)
Surprise Gift Wildefire by Karsten Knight (HB)
A HUGE thank you to Elena who sent me the books here T-T ~hugs~ I <3 you really much girl! Thank you so very much! Check out Elena's Blog by clicking HERE.
OMG!! completely forgot to post this! If you want to check Fiktshun's blog click HERE! and wish her a very happy blogoversary!
Sorry for rambling too much on my videos but I seriously can't help getting all excited about each and every single one of them T-T What did you guys get in your mail …

A Happy 1-year Blogoversary Letter To...FIKTSHUN

Dear Rachel @FIKTSHUN
Oh god if only I were that amazing and awesome and dedicated and lived not here but there *-* -stares off into space- Fiktshun is 1 year old people and even though I have to admit I haven't been with her the WHOLE YEAR*-*  She still had THIS button for her blog->
I do have that I found her early THIS year and have been a complete shameless~okay maybe with a bit of guilt but I know I apologize for it often enough~stalker I find it that it's one of my favourite sites to visit whenever I want to:
1. Leave a looooonger than liiiiiife comment 2.Read long reviews with a twist of torture that feeds my masochism for book teasers that don't spoil a think. 3.To watch book trailers all in one post for my benefit ;) 4. To read random thoughts. 5. To watch the book watch ~get it? lol~ ¬¬ GET IT! ¬¬ you sooo need to go to her blog if you don't! 6. Because I can leave longer comments than the longer than life ones ;) 7. Because she's awesome. 8. Because there's a…

-review- If I Die by Rachel Vincent

-And finally, my heart began to beat-

WHAT ON EARTH did Rachel eat, think, feel, write, listen to, scream, scratch, wash, drink, swallow, just, I mean it. Seriously. WHAT!
What makes an author so awesome as this one?
Kaylee, Tod, Emma, Nash, Tod, Kaylee, Sabine, Dad, Hellions, Nightmares, Teachers, Love, Tod again, Reapers, Kisses, Death, Family, Friendship, Cute little fluffy animals I'm dying to have-if they even existed- uh? you want more? I'll give you more ;) Hospitals, trust, hands, eyes, swirling irises, hate, rage, sense of belonging, screams, Nether, fog, darkness, fear. 
There you have it. Just a tiny little bit of what you're in if you even DARE to read this book. Because people I DARE YOU!

I simply cannot make an awesome enough, well written, not rambling review about this book. 
Never had a book had me all over the place, my feelings all scattered, scared of turning to the next page and yet dying if I didn't. Never could someone be so terribly frustrating as som…

IMM#8 No-Video edition

Hey guys I really didn't see much point to doing a video this week...first because both books I bought aren't YA and second because I'd freak out thanking a certain person once again. No worries. This time I DID win it at her blog. IMMB is hosted by The Story Siren I looove love her blog! So you really should check it out! Anyways, on to what you're really wanting to see^-^
First up is Smokeless Fire by Samantha Young (eBook)
I won it over on Rachel's Annex want to know it? Check her official blog first by clicking HERE (If you remember last week's IMM this was the book I completely forgot to mention on the video.) Thank you thank you thank you once again Rachel.
These other 2 books I bought at a completely surprising place I found where I ACTUALLY FOUND SCHOLASTIC books even if they were ALL middlegrade, still. I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day. And this were books they were trying to get rid off and I more than wanted to help them just $3 …

-review- Where You Are by Tammara Webber

~"--told me once that loving someone means you want what's best for them. And I'm what's best for him."~

First of all, this review wouldn't be possible if not for Fiktshun and her amazing and secret ways of surprising and making me cry myself to sleep(she tends to like to do that). Thank you Rachel I'm forever in debt, as you already know, and will continue thanking you till my last breath.

Now. THANK YOU! After reading this book one cannot say LOVE doesn't exist. Our favorite characters come back with a boom of not just energy but also love, jealousy, hollywood, drama, sexyness, and just a good story to tell you.
As the book is told in 4 different point of views I'll post an excerpt of all 4 through out the review.

~Focus on sweet and friendly. No flirting. So I guess pulling her forward and seeing if she'll let me kiss her is out. As is telling her she looks good enough to eat.~
Emma, Graham, Brooke, and Reid; I love each and every bi…