-review- If I Die by Rachel Vincent

-And finally, my heart began to beat-

WHAT ON EARTH did Rachel eat, think, feel, write, listen to, scream, scratch, wash, drink, swallow, just, I mean it. Seriously. WHAT!
What makes an author so awesome as this one?
Kaylee, Tod, Emma, Nash, Tod, Kaylee, Sabine, Dad, Hellions, Nightmares, Teachers, Love, Tod again, Reapers, Kisses, Death, Family, Friendship, Cute little fluffy animals I'm dying to have-if they even existed- uh? you want more? I'll give you more ;) Hospitals, trust, hands, eyes, swirling irises, hate, rage, sense of belonging, screams, Nether, fog, darkness, fear. 
There you have it. Just a tiny little bit of what you're in if you even DARE to read this book. Because people I DARE YOU!

I simply cannot make an awesome enough, well written, not rambling review about this book. 
Never had a book had me all over the place, my feelings all scattered, scared of turning to the next page and yet dying if I didn't. Never could someone be so terribly frustrating as some of the characters~hahaha you thought I'd tell you who? nah! I learned from the master -Rachel*2-~
I had to put the book down several times in a row. I cried, cried, cried and cried some more. Then, I laughed, laughed, cried, smiled... 
My heart will never forget the 2 almost 3 days it took me to read this book...I think I could even hear it screaming at my why on EARTH did I put it through so much in such little time and on such short notice!

~-SHE- laughed so hard she nearly inhaled a corn chip. ~

All my favourite-and not so favourite ~clears throat S*B*N*~ are back in the game and by game I mean the football they made of my heart and feelings and brain. I loved each and every single one of them---you know the exception or not[check throat clearing before]---they couldn't be more perfect, more real and just plain awesome.
Rachel Vincent your characters will forever stay with me. Will never be forgotten. And will always cause the most havoc in my shelves when deciding in between all the SS books which one was the best and...forget it I'm rambling again.

~ Was it possible to be haunted by a kiss? ~

Story/Plot/Rachel's Torture
WHAT¡?!!! Are you serious? I've been always a girl that chooses a side and sticks to it till the end, no matter what, who, or where. But of COURSE R.Vincent would be the one to break all my barriers and beliefs and heart and make me do the unthinkable.
YES PEOPLE I CHANGED SIDES~insert wide eyes and gasps here~
If you were there while I posted teasers you might know by now whose side I'm on now. But if you don't then read the book and even if after that you don't know I'll be cute and give you a hint HE ROCKS and loveeeeesssssssss Apricot Jam ;) -there I said it-
Anyways. Back again to the torture. Kaylee might've thought she had seen it all but boy was she wrong...now she's the one someone might have to sing for. The love of her life might not be who she thought. She discovers that through it all love stays, family is family and that true friends are definitely worth dying for.
She gets to know a part of herself that she didn't even know she had. She lets her self for once, LIVE; meaning breaking all the rules and simply following her heart-not that she didn't before. And now she even will have to make choices that before were completely unthinkable. Pregnancy, teens, naive, afraid <-- those words together make for a complete -believe me- down to earth story and plot you completely can-one more than others-relate at some level.

My feelings.
I died. Died and died a bit more.
I think I pretty much told you at the beginning how all over the place I was. I had to fetch the book and scan and re read and just awww and sigh once more before this. I'm putting my heart completely on a plate for all you guys and let you know. This might be-because there are 2 more 'Soul Screamers' books coming out- Rachel Vincent at her VERY BEST.
Thank R.Vincent for once again bringing and taking me into a world were everything is possible. I'll never be able to see apricot jam the same way, EVER again.
Oh and if you're wondering yes Rachel did it, she completely won the last Fotito(my rating pic) because of course she'd go and insert the tittle of the book not just once but more in the book, so yeah, IF I DIE is literally in there WATCH OUT FOR IT!

~ Reapers don't cry. ~

~Rachel @Fiktshun none of these would be possible if it weren't for you. I don't know how where when or well really nothing about how you came out of nowhere being good to me I'm just a book lover that tends to stalk your blogs way to much to be healthy and has the freaky custom of thanking people until I make them not want to ever give something to me because of it. Thank you once again for making me cry and laugh at it shortly after. I'm a complete proud follower of you and will continue until you decide to stop blogging~wich I encourage to be really? in the really really far future...say like 100 years plus taxes ;)~

I give this book
10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.


  1. @roro you sooo need it like RIGHT NOW!
    I loved it too much for words!
    thanks for stopping by!


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