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-BookPics Is Curious- Traveling Books?

So, I've been thinking.

If you love, like, and can travel and are a booklover just like most of us, how do you pick which books are coming on the trip with you and which aren't. (Remember we're talking printed editions here since I know eBook readers are kind of on demand right now I still like to take with me one or 6 hehehe depending on the period of time I'm going to be away from home. Anyway, PRINTED books people ^_^ )

I'm a stinker for rereads. If there is one thing that keeps me from reading new books is the fact that I can't get over my book hangovers... Specially if it's a book that's the last in a series or if it's a standalone book or idk, I have tons of reasons why I read and read the same book over and over again and never get tired of it.

So, if I love rereading books, how in the world am I expected to pick books to take with me for a long period of time away from home?

Simple, I don't take them. Out of all the books that are close …

-BookPics Is Curious- Canada&USA ¿Seriously?

I seriously seriously shouldn't even say I'm a blogger anymore!!

It's been FOREVER since I posted and I feel awful.

Not because I haven't posted but because I have so much to say and I haven't taken the time to actually write it down somewhere, anywhere. And then of course comes the part where I completely forgot about my blogoversary last month and this month as well so I might as well just cry in a corner for the rest of my life.

I'm so so sorry -pets blog- my life has been completely and utterly hectic this year working on some paperwork and then moving and then moving again and traveling and dreaming and dreaming some more that I haven't even had the chance to read much which simply put, sucks.

I miss blogging. I miss rambling on and on about silly things and not so silly things.

I miss sharing with the world my thoughts on books I loved or didn't love that much, I miss stalking my favorite authors so much!! I miss stalking my favorite blogs and my …