Hi! Alba here, love books, photography,music and maybe not exactly in that order...but I'm obsessed with them all!

This is all new to me so I'm doing my best to give you guys the best.
I'm trying to make some original BookPics post, like born here ;) and have come up with some but they're still baby ideas and hope one day you'll all enjoy and join in either fun, discussion, or simply envy of things hehe.
Some of post I'll be doing here are:

Are you kidding me? the whole point of the blog is this and pictures, so of COURSE I'll be posting reviews...99% of the books I read I also review and believe me I'll be doing tons of that...My reviews aren't mean, nor disrespectful and I tend to go and review how the book made me feel, affected me, the way it was written, characters, plot, scenery, title, and last but not least BOOK COVER...that's what is most likely to get me into buying a certain book.
I do rate the books...and from now on I'll start doing rounded ratings since goodreads isn't into 0.5 ratings of mine...so it'll have a whole star or none hehe. 
Also, forgive my rambling reviews...sometimes I have so much to say about a book is hard for me to put it all in order but I'll try believe me.

<--- that right there will be what I'll be rating with, instead of stars...at least here in my blog! >.< sooo excited for this new little details.

I'll also be introducing my NON-YA reviews here on the blog!
Even if most of my reads are YA I still enjoy tons of other books that aren't and I've seen that most of my followers are into non-YA as well so, why not? With these books come a new rating which is;
My Hotness Rating.
These reviews will feature another rating pic!
Both, Book & Hotness rating will feature

*New on the BookPics TBR-List
Includes books newly added to my to-be-read list of books, they won't always be soon-to-be-released books, nor brand new ones...they'll be random but hopefully you'll get some ideas and some recommendations as to what to read, purchase, or simply take a look at a cover and fall in love with it.

*Book Cover Obsession
I think the title of this entry speaks for itself :D but just in case. I'm really a cover lover...if I see a pretty cover, I don't even bother reading what the book's about...I just make sure it's on the isle of the genres I read and there you have it...fresh new book instantly added to my to-read list!

*BookPics is Curious
I often find myself rambling, either on STS vlogs or in my reviews or comments or well...anything...I always ramble and have the habit of always using -> ... <- the dots! So this will feature QUESTIONS/ANSWERS/RAMBLINGS of ANYTHING I'm curious or YOU BookPic-Ers might be curious about...Really->from books, book covers, photography, authors, to my mostly unknown country or anything in between. I'll ramble or rant or gush while writing this ones! I Just KNOW!

All these ideas ar brand new, freshly thought...you get the idea. They might change with time and with me getting more experience and more time to blog and post...or less who knows?
Just know that I love what I do, I take credit for everything that I write in my reviews, and I'm sad that my country doesn't support reading as much as others do, therefore I might not get the opportunity to read and review books that are brand new either from debut authors or not. I tend to be rejected because of it and even though it kind of brings me down I still come and review the books I can get my hands on. But I'll try because I want for the world to know that there's life in books and you can make a picture of everything that happens in life ;)
And because I'm latin it just seems fit to resume this in spanish.

Hola! Soy Alba y me encantan los libros, la fotografia, la musica...sin orden en especial.
Estoy tratando de poner mas orden a mi blog y por ende salieron unas que otras ideas, la mayor parte(casi todo) de lo que subo al blog es en ingles, pero si recibo mensajes o me piden que quieren cierta entrada en español con mucho gusto trataré de hacerlo;)

Algunas de las entradas que veran aqui son:

Los reviews son las criticas que hago de los libros, un 99% de los libros que leo son criticados por mi.
*New on the BookPics TBR-List-Nuevos libros en la lista ser-leidos mia.
*NUEVO!!! Book Cover Obsession-Simplemente portadas de libros con las que estoy obsesionada!
*NUEVO!!! BookPics is Curious-PREGUNTAS/RESPUESTAS/COMENTARIOS de casi cualquier cosa, desde libros hasta mi no-conocido país.

Todas son ideas frescas, nuevas y en algunos casos raras...pero son mias, me encantan y puede que con el paso del tiempo mientras adquiera mas experiencia en 'bloggear' y en el mundo de los libros cambien, pero para mientras asi espero se mantengan las cosas.
Gracias por seguirme!


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