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New Year, New BookPics

(Sorry I didn't check the grammar much on this post-I was just too excited to finally feel inspired and happy enough to post again on the blog.)

Sorry sorry I haven't posted in forever. I've sucked as a blogger. Life hasn't been good nor bad. But I just wasn't feeling it T_T
Anyway. Here it goes...

Does "too late" exist? This morning I was going through emails, instagram, facebook, pictures... And I found out I want to learn something... something I never thought I'd want to learn.
And I've started looking for places to learn it...
I'm scared though, always always scared. As I've always been whenever I try something new, especially after failing time and time again.
Am I too old to change my dreams? My goals?

Seriously, I know I just have to pray and be stronger than before. Be who I am without apology. Stop trying to please everyone and start pleasing me and be true to myself.
I'm not who I am just because, God let me be. Why can'…