-book tour- Eight Goodbyes by Christine Brae EXCERPT

Eight Goodbyes
Christine Brae
Published by: Vesuvian Books
Publication date: August 28th 2018
Genres: Adult, Romance
One universe, nine planets, 204 countries, 809 islands and 7 seas, and I had the privilege of meeting you.” –Unknown
When Tessa Talman meets Simon Fremont for the first time, not only is she attracted to him, she’s intrigued by how different their lives are. He’s a dedicated scientist, practical, pragmatic, and grounded—while she’s a head-in-the-clouds romance author. As their relationship grows, they agree to meet in places around the world, while continuing to live on opposite sides of the globe.
Though their feelings for each other deepen, their priorities remain the same. Simon is in a hurry to be financially sound and settle down, but Tessa is enjoying her freedom and newfound success. Neither is willing to give in, but as each goodbye gets harder, Tessa begins to wonder whether fame is the path to happiness, or if she has everything she needs in Simon.
Just as Tessa …

-review *adult*- Babysitting Love by J. L. Beck


Let me tell you how my reading status went down via goodreads updates;

March 12, 2018 – Finished Reading February 6, 2018 –  30.0% "This is full of poop
Hilarious poop that no one would convince me was actually written until I saw it for myself.
Well, color me convinced. Really really convinced." February 1, 2018 – Shelved February 1, 2018 – Started Reading
Annnnnnnd. That was pretty much it.
For some reason I was on a single dad/baby kick and the cover drew me in, I'd had this book for practically forever on my kindle and I thought "why not?" but after only a chapter in I knew, I just KNEW hahahaha that it'd be more of a ridiculous -fun kind of read.
I appreciate the author's effort though, but if this happens
“Prepare yourself for the best orgasm you’ve ever had,” I mumbled against her pussy before sucking her clit into my mouth.
Shortly after meeting your boss WITH said boss.
I just won't take you seriously. I just won't.

And then... T…

-quick review- The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli

"Asha.” He said her name like it was something exquisite and exasperating at the same time. What an amazing book this was. So magical so different and so fresh.
The Last Namsara was such a quick yet immersing read. I found I couldn't didn't want to take a break from reading it, going as far as taking it with me to an overseas trip (with the obvious help of the kindle app.)
I have to say though, I'm writing this months after I finished it but still the wonder of dragons, even better yet, dragons that collect stories like the girls who likes to provide them are still living on my mind, in my heart.
The term Iskari somehow reminded me of Game Of Thrones if only because she's a girl and is secretly feared by many, being a fan of the TV series this became an instant favorite thing.

So Death gave up and left her alone, thinking time itself would wear her away.
The quick-paced developing of the story with pauses in all the right places, like the fighting scene…

-cover reveal + giveaway- The Sexpert by JA Huss & Johnathan McClain

The Sexpert
JA Huss & Johnathan McClain
Publication date: July 24th 2018
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance
A new standalone romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author, JA Huss, and Actor/Screenwriter, Johnathan McClain. EDEN
I’m just a simple girl who likes dessert. And sexy men. And social media. So starting an anonymous video channel called The Sexpert as a side hustle to make up for my low-paying marketing job at Le Man Magazine seemed like a perfectly sensible career decision. Until we went viral, my boss accused my anonymous personality of stealing his idea, and now my super sexy new boyfriend, Andrew, is out to get me.
Her. Me. Whatever.
I don’t want it to be her. I do not want this… sweet, delicious, shy social media nerd working at my best friend’s magazine to be the face behind those perky cupcakes on the Sexpert channel. I don’t want it to be her… because I like her. A lot. She’s funny, and quirky, and smart, and creative… and… I really, really like her. It …

-book blitz + giveaway- Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault by Candace Robinson

I am so excited that QUINSEY WOLFE'S GLASS VAULT by Candace Robinson is available now and guys!!!! GUYSSSSS
If you haven’t yet heard about this wonderful book by AuthorCandace Robinson, be sure to check out all the details below.
This blitz also includes a giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card courtesy ofCandace Robinson and Rockstar Book Tours. So if you’d like a chance to win, enter in the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.

About The Book: Title: QUINSEY WOLFE'S GLASS VAULT Author: Candace Robinson Pub. Date: June 26, 2018 Publisher: The Parliament House Formats: Paperback, eBook Pages: 242 Find it:GoodreadsAmazonB&NiBooksTBD
Some see it… Some don’t…
People in the town of Deer Park, Texas are vanishing. There is a strange museum, known as Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault, that appears overnight. Perrie Madeline’s best friend and ex-boyfriend are among the missing. Perrie and her friend Augus…

-Cover Reveal- Reckless Attraction by J.J. Knight

Reckless Attraction
J.J. Knight
Publication date: July 9th 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
I wish this were the usual love story.
Boy meets girl.
Boy falls in love.
They live happily ever after. But it’s not.
In this one, I find the most awesome girl. Chloe. Smart. Funny. Sexy as sin. With convictions. She takes risks for what she believes in.
We connect. Completely. Awesomely. It’s literally the best feeling.
But then she screws me over in the worst possible way.
Hudson, shut up.
You’re the one who calls yourself “Reckless.”
You’re the one who pummels people’s faces just to get your rocks off.
It’s not my fault that your ambition in MMA runs up against my need for action. I protect the innocent. You fight them.
And I can’t help that we had this instant chemistry, a powerful explosive connection I didn’t even know could exist.
But you are who you are.
And I am who I am.
I just wish you weren’t the perfect man for me.
____ Fans of Uncaged Love and Fight for Her will see the…

-Book Blitz + Giveaway!- Between The Sea And Stars by Chantal Gadoury

I am so excited that BETWEEN THE SEA AND STARS by Chantal Gadoury is available now and that I get to share the news!
If you haven’t yet heard about this wonderful book by Author Chantal Gadoury, be sure to check out all the details below.
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About The Book:
Title: BETWEEN THE SEA AND STARS Author: Chantal Gadoury Pub. Date: June 19, 2018 Publisher: The Parliament House Formats: Paperback, eBook Pages: ? Find it:GoodreadsAmazonB&NiBooks A Legend,  A Magical Shell  A Girl Who Dreamed Of Something More... 
Lena, a Merrow girl, lives in the Skagerrak sea with her father, Carrick and her brother, Javelin who tells her of the legend of the Merrow Queen murdered by her human lover when greed takes over. But what’s worth spilling the queen’s blood? Gifted from Poseidon, himself, a magic shell gives any human the ability to control both land and sea. 
When Javelin …