-thoughts- The Assassin's Blade by Sarah J. Maas (ToG #0.1 - #0.5)


As someone pointed it out to me before I even had this collection of novellas.

This is the heartbreak absolutely NO ONE asked for. But here it is nonetheless and I'm guilty AF for being a sucker for heartbreak.

Edited to add the fact that I cried like a baby when... things happened.

End of edit*
-"But why? Why can't you let it go?"He grabbed her shoulders and shook her.-
Sam is the one worth it the last star I gave this book, it was
One star for Sam
One star for the beautiful cover
Three stars for the stories

I hated a lot and I loved a lot and in between I managed not only to think the worst of Celaena but also the best of her.

I'm glad I read these even if I struggled a lot because of the most stupidest decisions ever made in the history of decisions to make hahaha.

-"My name is Celaena Sardothien," she whispered, "and I will not be afraid."-
5=~sobs hard~too good to be true!

-review- Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake


-He wonders if this is the queen who everyone in Rolanth sees. If all the rumors have been untrue... If that is so, then she is his and his alone.-
This is the first time I've ever started and finished a book like this. 
Not because I don't read Fantasy often, alas I didn't until just recently, but it has more to do with the way it's written. The voice. The English. The way the characters "speak" and "think." 

I'm not fond of old English though trust me this isn't old English. I'm just not good with certain ways that English was spoken a few decades ago. And that's how I felt this book was written and that's why I struggled at the beginning. 



I'm so glad I pushed through. 

And then... it didn't take me long... not long at all, to love it. To understand it and to crave it! 
I've only ever read one other book by Kendare Blake but it is so very different from this you'd think the books are from compl…

-thoughts, banned book- The Wild by K. Webster


It was an adventure trying to get this book.

I love reading, I love reading sexy times and I rarely shy away from dark romances with rough sexy times.
What I rarely read are books that stretch the limits of my comfort zone until I am not even sure those limits are within sight.

The Wild by K. Webster was one of those books. It was good it was bad and it was a complete guilty pleasure of a read if only because I'd already been a fan of the author's writing long before I found out about this book, my awesome friend April from the blog Rad Babes Read brought it to my attention and well... the rest is history.

- Nipping and sucking. Desperation in a kiss.-
This book isn't for everyone, I got that I respected that just as I hoped people would respect it but apparently that was asking for too much.

But worry not, it's good in a twisted kind of way that'll leave you asking yourself if you've morals at all at some point, while panting and getting all ho…

-shop spotlight/thoughts- Little Inklings Designs

Hi my beautiful people/booknerds!

I'm here with another bookish shop spotlight/thoughts. (You can check my previous one HERE.) And it is none other than the very first shop from which I made my very first bookmark purchase thanks to my bookstagram account.

Without further ado...

I present you...

Little Inklings Designs is run by Megan and she's from the awesome north, meaning Canada.

She does all her designs by HAND T_T either digital or paper and they are absolutely gorgeous!
Ever since that first purchase I've grown and grown my collection of her designs.

She's constantly coming up with new and new content and she's always updating us through her instagram account, she's amazing at customer service, which you know, being international, is one of the first things I notice when making a purchase from a foreign country.

The processing times for the shop are really fast and they usually take around 3 weeks to get from Canada to El Salvador, which is extremely fast…

-thoughts- Bought & Paid For by Jordan Marie/Jenika Snow


I'm sorry... what?

What did I just read?
I was really looking forward to this one if only because I loved the title and the cover drew me in from the beginning.

I am really sad to say that it just was not good, at all. I liked what they tried to do with the story but the writing T_________T I felt I was reading someone's secret fantasy from a journal entry.

Both main characters are grown adults and I was often left wondering if that was indeed the case because their voices rang more like young adults at their best... new teenagers at the least.
I know it's fiction and all but I just couldn't wrap my mind around the story, it just seemed so far fetched and... Guys I was left speechless, really.

The older guy, the young girl, the secret desires both have had for each other... All the elements of an awesome sexy fantasy were there but the writing and voices just didn't deliver

-It was refreshing to have a woman who did not know how to hide her reaction to …

-review- Roar by Cora Carmack

"Your head may have forgotten, but your heart has not. Remember that in the future. Now go. She will wake soon."
This book!This book!

Okay, I've got to admit I was wary about reading it because of how hyped the book had somewhat become but guys... guys I don't know how or why or when or really what happened but there was this something about the writing of this book that instantly, just like that -makes clicking sound- had me hooked. 

I loved the innocence but fierceness that Aurora portrayed, she reminded me so much of how teens actually think, at least how I used to think as a teen, alas I wasn't born to be queen of a land plagued by mortal storms or twisters or fog or tidal waves or lightning or fires BUT I sill enjoyed that breath of fresh air that was her and the way she thought and acted. I rooted for all of her... be her Rora or Aurora or Roar or any other name she may come up with. I get ya girl, I get ya.

"I know the taste of a lie better th…

-review- Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

"Know that I loved you," she said to the Darkling. "Know that it was not enough."
That took a while... 20 days to be exact. 
But I'm happy to announce it was worth sticking to it. I got hit by a major reading slump in the middle of reading this so I had to take long long breaks... 

Either way, while pretty predictable and kind of an anticlimactic ending I still enjoyed it.

My favorite parts were definitely the 'Before' & 'After' additions that were in all three books in the trilogy. 
They were perfect, introducing and then ending the story. And the 'After' or was it 'Now' lol either way the last part was one of my favorites of the entire trilogy, it even made me cry which was something I thought this book wouldn't be able to... And you know me and my love for books making me cry, if I cry it means I loved the book so of COURSE that small little part of writing made up for all the slow pace and things I didn'…