-review *adult*- Babysitting Love by J. L. Beck

Let me tell you how my reading status went down via goodreads updates;

March 12, 2018 – Finished Reading
February 6, 2018 – 
 30.0% "This is full of poop
Hilarious poop that no one would convince me was actually written until I saw it for myself.
Well, color me convinced. Really really convinced."
February 1, 2018 – Shelved
February 1, 2018 – Started Reading

That was pretty much it.

For some reason I was on a single dad/baby kick and the cover drew me in, I'd had this book for practically forever on my kindle and I thought "why not?" but after only a chapter in I knew, I just KNEW hahahaha that it'd be more of a ridiculous -fun kind of read.

I appreciate the author's effort though, but if this happens

“Prepare yourself for the best orgasm you’ve ever had,” I mumbled against her pussy before sucking her clit into my mouth.

Shortly after meeting your boss WITH said boss.
I just won't take you seriously. I just won't.

And then... There's the insta-love that I've grown accustomed to seeing and reading in books but this one took it to a whole other level. I don't mind a greatly crafted and thought out insta love even if I still find it unreal and ridiculous but COME ON hehehehe.

I'll just leave you with my first (of two) Highlight followed by the note I made on the entire book.

...you loved me until the moment was right for you, but I have to tell you right now because the moment is right for me. I love you, Liam Foss. I love our daughter and I love the fact that you’ve welcomed me and offered to give me something that no other man has before.”

***Ladies and gentlemen She’s in love with him like... like no other woman has loved a man before.

It hasn’t been 48 hours since they met but who cares... She loves him and wants to have his babies.

(a lot of emojis expressing my eye rolling and side eye -____-)

Why am I doing this to myself?***

AND that was it.
I loved the cover though so that's the star I'm giving this book ;)



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