IMM#9 The I-couldn't-wait-longer-to-show-you Edition

After a week of no IMM I'm back with my rambling vlog!
This week was definitely full of surprises specially yesterday when I got a note from the PO to pick a package up...but I'll let the video tell you everything!

IMM is hosted by The Story Siren I looove love her blog! So you really should check it out!

For the very first time FOR REVIEW-printed-
Bone Dressing by Michelle I. Brooks (PB-Signed)

Possession by Elana Johnson (HB)
Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor (HB)

Surprise Gift
Wildefire by Karsten Knight (HB)

A HUGE thank you to Elena who sent me the books here T-T ~hugs~ I <3 you really much girl! Thank you so very much!
Check out Elena's Blog by clicking HERE.
OMG!! completely forgot to post this! If you want to check Fiktshun's blog click HERE! and wish her a very happy blogoversary!

Sorry for rambling too much on my videos but I seriously can't help getting all excited about each and every single one of them T-T
What did you guys get in your mail boxes?


  1. Great books! Congrats on your first review copy! :)

    - Breathing Books

  2. @roro I seriously think I will!

    @diaryofacambridgestudent ~loving the user name!~ thank you so much!!! *-*

    thanks to both of you for stopping by!

  3. There is no way a person can comment TOO much!
    I liked Possession quite a bit and I LOVED Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Wildefire is pretty awesome too!
    That's awesome that you got a book for review! I still remember some of my first ones ;) It sounds really good too!
    Enjoy your books!

  4. I love Rachel's blog to :) and I really liked the song you had on in the background.

    Daughter of smoke and bone is a great book, I hope you enjoy it! I also bought possession for that cover, and wildefire! Lol they sound really great though, I can't wait until I get to read them :)

  5. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is SO GOOD! I hope you love it! Wildefire looks great, too :0)

  6. Ah!! I so.... still need to read Daughter of Smoke & Bone!!

    Michele | IMM

  7. Great haul! Smoke and Bone is a fantastic book I hope you enjoy it!

    Xpresso Reads

  8. Great IMM! You got some great books!

    Thanks for visiting mine, that was one of the nicest comments I've ever had :)


  9. Enjoy! DOSAB is probably amazing ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  10. New follower. You got so many awesome books. I love the selection of books. Come visit me as well.

    Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog

  11. Great set! Yay for Daughter of Smoke and Bone. One of my favorite books of the year. I really want to read Wildefire. Also, I think I'm a new follower but it's hard to tell from GFC...
    My IMM

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes I am so excited for my new camera and I completely am in love with it. I was a little scared when I was picking out my camera, I am nervous about learning and figuring it out but so excited for it too.

    You got some awesome book this week. I loved Wildefire, it was an awesome book. I was initially in love with the cover, so beautiful.

    Happy reading.

  13. OMG!! I had written a really long comment and got deleted T-T all my inspiration and effort gone just like that ~sigh~ I thank you all for stopping by,this sure has got to be the very first post since I started the blog, that has the most comments on it and for that I'm smiling in gratefulness another thing!! 2 new blog followers!? are you kidding me? I'm on heaven, I'm really dorky and distracted when it comes to the follower number because I usually don't get more it has been like that for quite a while but it's good to know there are at least 2 more people willing to survive my long long everything because I do everything long!
    Candace >.< I know my very first review-printed-book copyT-T
    Mist, I blame Maggie Stiefvater for my addiction to that song! called Comes and Goes(in waves) by Greg Laswell one of the soundtrack for her book Forever!

    argh Kristina I loooooooooove your camera T-T now I want yours hehehe

    Maestra >.< I meant it! I just wished I had started following you earlier :/

    and the rest of you T-T thanks for stopping by it means the WORLD to me :) and you all made me want to drop all my current reads and movies and studies and just dive in DoSaB :P

  14. Congrats on your first printed review book!!!

  15. Congrats on all the great stuff this week!

  16. @BookLuvr Mindy thank you so much! and thanks for stopping by!

    @Christi thank you this week rocked!!! >.<

    thank you both for coming here ;)

  17. Great mailbox! I hope you enjoy all your new reads! I really liked Daughter of Smoke and Bone! :)

  18. thanks! @Christy, TheReaderBee I'm really looking forward to that book!
    and thank you for stopping by!

  19. I just downloaded the song on iTunes! thanks :)

  20. YEY welcome to the addiction to that song! enjoy!
    and don't mention it ;)


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