A Happy 1-year Blogoversary Letter To...FIKTSHUN

Dear Rachel @FIKTSHUN

Oh god if only I were that amazing and awesome and dedicated and lived not here but there *-* -stares off into space-
Fiktshun is 1 year old people and even though I have to admit I haven't been with her the WHOLE YEAR*-* 
She still had THIS button for her blog->http://www.fiktshun.com/

I do have that I found her early THIS year and have been a complete shameless~okay maybe with a bit of guilt but I know I apologize for it often enough~stalker I find it that it's one of my favourite sites to visit whenever I want to:

1. Leave a looooonger than liiiiiife comment
2.Read long reviews with a twist of torture that feeds my masochism for book teasers that don't spoil a think.
3.To watch book trailers all in one post for my benefit ;)
4. To read random thoughts.
5. To watch the book watch ~get it? lol~ ¬¬ GET IT! ¬¬ you sooo need to go to her blog if you don't!
6. Because I can leave longer comments than the longer than life ones ;)
7. Because she's awesome.
8. Because there's a lot of purple.
9. Because she comments back~when she has time. People she HAS a life you know ;)~
10. Because I simply love it and has everything I look for in a blog, thing that I apparently haven't managed with mine but we'll discuss that another time when we aren't celebrating.
11. There is NO 11 but there sure is a 12 so go on.
12. She has more BLOGS.
13. 12 means that I get to stalk some more!
14. AND 13 and 14 mean that I GET TO COMMENT EVEN MORE!
okay enough with the numbers or I'll never finish!

In the end I seriously just wanted to make this post to wish her a happy one year of blogging anniversary. Wish her the best of bests. Encourage her to continue doing what she loves and when she stops loving it to stop doing it, where would the fun in that be?

Being a sort-of-blogger myself I have maybe a tiny little idea of what she's been through at least for the first months because you know my blog isn't old AT ALL *-* and I just keep getting amazed at how she overcomes the difficult, laugh at the ironic, cry when I didn't think it'd be possible to (meaning books people is not like I've met the woman I'd die if I ever do...I wouldn't even be able to utter a single english word let alone a spanish one.) Read, actually take the time to read the comments ALL of them I can't like prove it to you somehow I just know she does read them, READ MY COMMENTS now THAT'S an art all together, my comments aren't easy to read through, let me tell you, by the end of the comment you've completely lost the point in question so yeap...I'm lost like that. AND SHE DOES SO MUCH MORE that's impossible to list or put into words.

So here's for Fiktshun's great 1 year, may more and more and more and more and more after that come, I'll keep stalking here for as long as she keeps blogging. I'll keep thanking her for as long as she continues to be this amazing person I've get a glimpse to, I'll keep recommending, sending, tweeting, everything to get people to her blog-I mean I'd love to have that blog to read and stalk all to myself, selfish person that I am, but nope I actually send people to share the blog love and awesome and cute of her blog, because if I didn't send I'll be the first case in the whole medicine world to die of actualy GUILT, I'll continue reading her goals and awesome rambles and book adds to her tbr piles and well never mind.

If there was ever a blog I envied, wished upon a star, and stalked more than I could have imagined is Fiktshun and then there is the whole tons of blogs I follow because people all book bloggers I've met on the web are awesome it's just that Fiktshun actually took the time to answer so maybe that's why I've got this unhealthy stalking persona now. Don't be afraid of me! I promise I'll behave myself and don't stalk your blog, MUCH people.
Fiktshun button by parajunkee
Fiktshun may the odds be EVER in your favor(HA! READ THE BOOKS!)
Let the Tod-ness never leave you.
Get the Leah's torture self perfection so you can kill me of teasers-disease.
Let Emma, Graham, Reid and Brooke hug you in the most awkward hug known in the universe.
And just feel the love from all your followers including myself.
We all wish you the best and thank you from the bottom of our bookish hearts.

Fiktshun is having one of the most AWESOME blogoversary  celebrations on her blog if you have tiniest bit of curiosity listen to it and click HERE!!!!!!!!! or HERE!!!!!!!! or you can always click on her button I have it on the right side bar(it's purple and awesome) . She has a tendency of giving away too many books to be economically healthy!

Alba @BookPics


  1. Oh Alba, thank you so much for creating this amazing post on your blog. You are one of my very favorite followers. I love all your comments and I love that you love books as much as I do. I'm starting to think that maybe you even love them more than I do, and I didn't think that was possible. :)

    I do read all of your comments. Every single one of them and although for the past couple weeks because of the NaNoWriMo event I haven't commented back as often as I should, it doesn't mean I don't read and love EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

    And don't be modest, you ARE a blogger not a sort-of-blogger. You have a lovely blog and I love catching up...stalking...you on Facebook.

    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Words cannot express how much this means. Et merci du plus profond de mon coeur. Ti ringrazio dal profondo del mio cuore.

  2. prego cara! ;) because seriously? I don't do french hahahaha I don't like it but apparently my dad thinks it's waaay better than italian ~gasps~ there goes my italian studies

  3. *Reads and nods vehemently along the way* Yup, I'm so there with you in the Fiktshun stalkers club! Actually, I may have been her stalker longer than you!*evil laugh* *just kidding* Rachel is super awesome and I love all her posts - her reviews are the most complex and convincing I will ever read.

    *clicks glasses* Cheers, here's for many more fantabulous Fiktshun years and for long comments!LOL

  4. oh YEAH!!!!!!!
    Deea my fellow stalker partner! ¬¬~shoots daggers~ I know my stalker persona might not be as practiced as yours and haven't been with Fiktshun as long either BUT I'll get there *-*

    awwwwww thank you so much for stopping by! I feel happy I thought just Fiktshun would get to see this and my horrific spelling and grammar mistakes lol

  5. @Alba Oh, I'm more of a silent stalker lately, so let's say we're even!:))

    Hehhe I'm glad I got to share the love!:D And don't worry about mistakes, I didn't find any. Besides, I'm a semi-blogger and English is not my first language either, so really, no worries ;)

  6. Yep yep, I'm a part of the Fiktshun stalkers club as well. And this post is awesome. I also loved your comments on Fiktshun's blogoversary posts. And you're not the only one who leaves longer than life comments. Trust me (or ask Rachel @ Fiktshun)
    So you're definitely not alone.

  7. awwwwwwwww ~sobs~ YEY @Sunnykimmy really? wow wow and wow thanks for liking my comments I guess hahaha ooooh longer than life comments rock!!
    thanks for stopping by!


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