Letter: Wish Of Thanksgiving

To all whom I mention and forgot to mention here:

As many of you may know and if you didn't I'm not from the US or any other country that celebrates Thanksgivng...and for me? That literally stinks : /
I wish we would  celebrate it here now more than ever, because this year has been soooo different for me, I've met so many people, introduced myself to so many books, talked to so many authors, and even though life with my family isn't perfect...who said it would?
So I was thinking first on doing a vlog saying all this that I'm writing right now but then I remember just how much of a cry baby I am and decided against it, later I thought about not doing it at all...I mean is not like I have tons of people who would come here and read-at least-this post so, in the end I thought, Oh, well why not? I mean...at least I get it off my system without you seeing me cry.

So I'd like to say thank you to or for the following.

People, seriously? What'd we do without it? Imagine all the books and signing(for you) that we wouldn't be able to read or authors to meet or movies to watch or sisters to bug or cute bags to buy or lip gloss to put on?
Man am I grateful for life. (Diosito! gracias!)

2.Books, I'm not lying when I say I am a proud person who was saved by YA this year...I've been through so much, seen so much, heard too many things to count. And books, specially this year, have taken center stage. Which leads me to...
(psss if you're wondering which was the one book that started my YASaves for me it's Dark Song by Gail Giles followed my more than a hundred)

3. It might have started with a really known series that brought me back to reading but if it wasn't for Peace, Love, Teen Fiction and her amazing persona...I wouldn't be here. She has always been so awesome and supportive. First book page I ever liked who introduced me to this whole new world(for me)of books and amazingness! And talking of personas, Donna oh, Donna...she's one of the bloggers over at Book Passion For Life and when I met her I didn't even know what a blog was, let alone what YA or anything like that but she was so sweet to me and her reviews were always honest(I met her over at goodreads)she got me into reading so many more books. She always put up with my silly questions and then well came her blog and there I went seeing a blog for the very first time without knowing what in the world GFC meant T-T~yes that's how lost I was~ So Donna if you ever get to read this, know that you'll be forever in my heart and mind for giving me a chance to speak and speaking back to me and for reading Angel(if it weren't for you I wouldn't have read it and loved it) she has one of the most cutest blogs so be sure to check it out.

4.My indie and not so indie authors...you all know who you are...and if you don't I'll say FIRST NAMES but that's the only one you're getting! Mia, Kristina; if it weren't for you BookPics wouldn't even exist! Thank you for giving me a chance when I literally was like just one more though I still am I like to think you gave me a chance because you believed and when no one else does that was awesome so thank you! Maggie(big sis) whom was wow and wow and deserves so much more than she has, River, Ednah, Jennifer, and then we go to #

5. Author Mike(I'll never forget NEVER) putting up with me and my stalking long before his book even came out, Selene; you have touched my mind and heart with just 2 books...when no person could your books and words did the job. And she might not be a writer but she does what I wish I could do so much better! my favourite photographer in the entire world, Sheryl; all those advices won't go to waste I promise! And each and every single author who didn't ignore me or dropped by to say hi or even just sent a random tweet or comment on facebook or liked my review on goodreads...I cry every single time. Because...argh wish I could explain you how much it means...when the only people that support what you do are people that are miles and miles away from you and then that the author of things I cherish and love the most takes the time to even acknowledge me. It MEANS EVERYTHING! yes Leah I'm talking to you...

6. The few local people and one special neighbour from up of my country that have been since the beginning with BookPics and still are specially when I decided to start the blog...I'm not a good blogger nor good at...well anything maybe just stalking people. But thank you...you know who you are.

7. OMG, how to say this...I so don't want to say each and every name but I feel like it might be cheating if I don't at least I'll try to say, again, just the first name or the blog name...we'll see how it works. Here I go. Autum, Alice, Perla, Tiff, Nat, Elena, AmyDR, Alishia...I know I'm missing like a million but you know who you are...all of you I've met out of nowhere and you've been nothing but sweet and too awesome to me. I don't think I deserve it and always feel guilty because you have given me sooo much and I can't and haven't given you back the way you all deserve! I always cry...always. I'm grateful I met you all and don't ever change because you are perfect. I thank you from lo mas profundo de mi heart. And I hope one day to be able to give back if not all at least a tiny bit of what you've given me. So many books can testify how amazed and stunned I am. Didn't know people as good as you and a lot more could be this good. But against all odds you've continued to be amazing book-lover-people.

8. For each and every single person who has read any of my reviews...I tend to be a babbling person and I'm such a huge cry baby it's not even funny but still, you come back and read my extremely long reviews or thoughts on a book. I never knew such thing could be possible.

9. Thank you if you're still with me and haven't gotten bored I'm thankful for that too! don't worry we're only missing one more number and then I'll leave you to your reading.

10. Fiktshun...Rachel...Ramblings...Reading Pile...B.Corner... Never. I'll repeat. NEVER. Okay one more time people, repeat with me; NEVER have I met someone...that, this, with, how...which. 
Nope that didn't work out so well. Ana L...if it weren't for you I wouldn't have found this blog...thank you so much neighbour!

Let's put it this way, when you live in a country that nobody knows exists, when that country repels YA and well mostly reading in general, when that certain country is the reason you can't get or reach goals; then comes the rejection after rejection and after rejection. I don't want to sound drama queen at all...but if you were on my shoes maybe you'd be able to imagine that kind of world for a while...just a tiny bit of a while...no books, not much to read...Then I started BookPics a while ago and people wouldn't like it or would be mean or well many kinds of bad things...but I still held on...but after some time it became quite a thing to bear...insults, drama, tears, sleepless nights...I decided to give up on everything and it was the tiniest of status on facebook...saying that I might stop reviewing and doing this that I love, she told me no...Rachel wrote the tiniest bit of a comment back...but THAT tiny comment-which I saved and have written down just to look at every now and then when people laugh at me because of what I do and the whys' of this blog- is the reason I'm still here and writing this post on this blog I call BookPics. Her blog is pure and raw awesomeness and she has made me cry more than all the books I own put together. She's too sweet too amazing for words, her reviews, her ramblings I was completely star struck when she answered my comments over at Fiktshun...I still am. can't believe she talks to me at all...and I try my best to let her know how awesome she is but well words specially written words aren't good enough. I'm not a creepy stalker that will snatch her away one night~um...nope I don't think so...um...nope...maybe if I could get to stalk her brain...that'd be another thing altogether...but...for now...I'll refrain and just continue to shamelessly stalk her.
Her blog is one of the few blogs I stalk daily and look for advice or inspiration there.
Thank you Rachel.
For answering my not so short comments, for not ignoring me, for the things you've given me and I wish you didn't because I feel so guilty...but at the same time I'd die if you didn't....For always staying true to yourself even when the drama has struck your blog...
One of the best people I'm proud to say I follow and consider a friend...hopefully I'll be a friend sometime too...um...~idk...I'm such a cry baby you'd probably get tired of me too soon~
You might really not remember it but yes, that comment is the reason I'm still on the network...trying to put my voice up there now and then and crying over and over, over silly things such as green books arriving unnoticed with a girl wearing a green dress on the front or well there was another one with the girl wearing a red dress on the front...or the shirt I'm wearing now...I'll forever keep you in my heart Rachel/Fiktshun.
because you’ve made possible and worthy what no one here at home thought of as that, what everyone made fun of me about, and what everyone laughed, bullied, and simply didn’t support me in the least about…YOU’ve been here for a while..and for that I thank you

But in the end this is all wishful thinking, because there is no such thing as Thanksgiving in my country...nor will there be any time soon. So I'm still here with my wish written on a post that most likely won't be read by many but where I tried with all my might to show you how much each and every single thing that happens to me because of books means to me. 
~sighs~ I'm thankful this year...I could go on with this but I know you're sleepy and bored now...so...Thanks.



  1. Oh My God!! Girl, you were truly inspired!! I didn't knew someone insulted you!? WTH! NEVER listen to those people, I know it's difficult but I tell you, I admire you, you do lots of wonderful things! Do not stop blogging! I want to tell you thanks, too! I really hope someday we can meet each other! Maybe next year!! And we can go to library together! LOL

  2. Liss, lol a LOT has happened ^-^ aww thank you so much! We'll meet, don't worry you just have to come here LOL.
    thanks for taking the time to come and read and after that comment ;)

  3. I admire you my dear. I also am thankful for you. I'm thankful that I can call you a friend. You are someone that is kind and true and has a wonderful heart. This post is obviously proof of that. There are very few people that I call friends and I'm proud that you are one of them. <3

    Thank you with all of my heart for including me in this beautiful post!


  4. @Amy ~sobs~ thank you...that's all there is...

  5. aww Alba, you are so sweet for doing this. And wow, lots of people huh? I wasn't sure if the person you mentioned as your neighbor was me or not until you mention my name :') And you found out about Fiktshun because of me?? YAY you have no idea how happy this make me, because I love her so much too...(We could start a fight over who loves her more haha but we wont...*takes deep breath*) She is my favorite person -even over people I know in person and people I call "friends"- and my fav. blog. So yeah I hope you are reading this Rachel!!! :)

    And trust me I know how you feel, about the country that nobody knows it exist and repels reading, we are neighbors after all and we are very alike. We wear the same shoes...is awful. So I'm grateful too because of the blogoverse and all the nice people out there, like you said, miles away who are really nice to us.

    And I could go on and on and on....you know how much I like write looooong comments haha...so I'm just going to say: Thank you for including me in your lovely post. xoxo!! <3 :)

  6. @Ana thanks for stopping by! lol oooh let's don't get started on the 'who loves Rachel more' thingie it won't end well! and yes it was because of you that I found Fiktshun!
    Don't thank me! lol you're the only neighbour I have woman! How could you not have known?!

  7. Awww Alba you are absolutely one of the nicest people I know :) You are awesome and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

  8. aww, Alba, that is a beautiful post. I love your blog.

  9. @Nat T-T ~crying~ thank you so much! and I'll try my best ignoring them!

    @Alishia thaaaaaaaank you so very very much!!!

  10. Thank you so much Alba! I am totally tearing up over your post! That was so wonderful and beautiful. Thank you so, so, so much!

    I love all of your comments. And you always, always make me smile, even when sometimes blogger drama gets me down. I love how enthusiastic you are for the authors and books you love, and yes, I do, just a little bit, enjoy torturing... I mean teasing... you about books like A Touch Morbid or Witch Eyes. Or, well, EVERY book!

    I'm sorry I have not been commenting back as often, but I read every single one of your comments and love all of them!!!!

    I'm so thankful I got to meet you this past year and that I can stalk your blog too!

    Oh and you have GOT to read A Touch Morbid, you've just got to!

  11. @Fiktshun--- like I said...thank you is all I have for now...even though it's not good enough is all I have---

    you had to take the opportunity to torture me!! I knew you couldn't live a day without teasers to make Alba cry for all the right reasons! lol

    OMG!!!! don't do this to me!!! T-T

    thanks for reading this >.<


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