-review- Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

-His hair was carefully styled to look like he'd just rolled out of bed. Too bad he didn't have my hair's texture. My hair did that without any styling at all.-

I won this book a while ago, a PB copy but decided to give it to my sister because she's absolutely traumatized and a crazy woman for all things VA and then BOOM the local book store surprised me when I saw this on their shelves..a shiny awesome HC copy (I'm a stinker for HC), so I bought it and now I have a copy of my own!

Okay, I know that after this all Demitri lovers will hate me but I just have to...so I'll be adding some iron bars to protect my room along with some mines and stuff like that...just simple >.< but...
I'm going with all the things I felt while reading the book, all the caught breaths, all the tears, all the smiles, and well everything that the book awoke in me and...I really love this book WAAAAY more than all the VA ones put together...maybe not ALL of them but certainly this book...I really really just loved and believe me...that was a complete surprise for me. I'm not a huge Dimitri lover though I do like Rose some...but Sydney and Adrian and Eddie and Jill = AWESOME BOOK FOR ME!!

T-T I'm sad/happy to admit that I was sooo identified with Sydney in so many levels it was kind of freaky but believe me I loved not only her character but what she does to others while being just who she is...she's strong in her own way...and after not being trusted for a long time she knows not to expect people to believe in her...which leads us to
ADRIAN T-T omg! Long time no see, I've loved Adrian since I read about him for the first time and NEVER ever forgotten all the sexy/awesome/quirky self of his...Sydney is just what he needs...someone who...well READ THE BOOK PEOPLE...he's been hurt and truly believes he knows the meaning of love so I'm hoping he get's to know the kind of love that gives back to him and not just the other way around...also knowing that people don't expect much of him he obviously doesn't take himself seriously. So I really liked being able to see more of his unknown side in the book.
Eddie and Jill are still some kind of mystery to me, but a mystery I'm so so so ready to discover and unearth to it's very roots...Jill I like, really simple and shy and well just real...and Eddie, oh Eddie...after my very HARDCORE crush on Mason(insert big sobs while remembering him) he's my second favourite Dhampir on Richelle Mead's collection. 
I might be the only person known that wasn't really looking forward to any of the main VA characters to come into the story but I know they're important enough that I won't hate them here ;)

-In attempting to fix a loose thread on her cardigan the other day, Jill had nearly unraveled the entire sweater.-

I really don't want to tell you what the book is about...really...not at all...just know that is really awesome and has tons of actions, not many cheesyness but cuteness, full of protectiveness, strong characters, strong beliefs, and people getting second chances.

~My feelings~
OMG I know that when I find myself alike and with similarities with a book character is really because of his/her negative sides...I really don't know what to make of that but that's how I am...I guess... and with Sydney...it all started again...knowing exactly how she felt I had to, sometimes, put the book down and take a deep breath to go on. Her protective side really shot straight home and her fierceness in defending what she thinks is right...
Adrian always breaks my heart, I have no idea how he got to have his very own space in my heart but I like to think he really started carving it out since the first time I laid eyes on his name written on paper...
The complete book has so many different things and you have so little time to drink them in all that you might find it too fast passed but believe me...it's prefect!

- "...All I can ask is that you give me another chance. That you try to believe me when I say...That you believe I'm serious. That you trust me."
  "Okay," I said. "I trust you."
  "Total shock filled his features. "You do?" -

All in all a book that you must read no matter if you were team Adrian or team Dimitri...

I rate this book
10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.