New on the BookPics TBR-List #5

It's been a while...but here I am. This time I'm putting up books I THOUGHT I had on my TBR list and when I went there and checked THEY WEREN'T!~imagine my complete HUGE freak out! hahaha~ anyways I want and have this on my tbr-list AND they are all there thanks to..........................................
yeap FIKTSHUN ;)
(All images take you to their goodreads page)
Lockdown (Escape From Furnace, #1)    

Solitary (Escape from Furnace, #2)

Death Sentence (Escape From Furnace, #3)

Fugitives (Escape from Furnace, #4)

Execution (Escape From Furnace, #5)

All are the Hardback covers except for the last one...apparently there isn't any for now...just the Paperback :/
but there you go! All FIVE books on the Escape From Furnace series.
Anything new on your TBR lists this week?


  1. I am so glad you added this series to your TBR! Yes, the last two books aren't out yet in the U.S. but Fugitives is coming out soon and Furnace will be out some time after that with the cover. (I hope!)

    They are just the most AMAZING books. Scary, gross, but so unbelievably well-written!

    I'm holding off reading Death Sentence until it's closer to Fugitives because I don't want to torment myself! :)

  2. >.< how could I not after how much you talked about them and loved them!!!! that's not the official book cover?? I mean Furnace??

    These would be the first books-if I get to read them- from that genre that I read!

    LOL!!! bummer...I'd love to see you suffering...I mean waiting not so patiently for the last one :P lol

    thanks for stopping by!


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