-review/thoughts- The Curse Of Tenth Grave by Darynda Jones

Another excellent addition to the series guys!
What am I going to do when it finishes?!

“What other secrets are you hiding behind those sparkling eyes?"
He grinned. “You have my heart. That’s where I hide all my secrets.”
“Then I guess I don’t have the key.”
“Are you kidding? You forged the key.”

Could it be???
Could this really be one of my faves of the Charley-Reyes-Cookie saga? Surely it can't but then... we did get A LOT OF REYES on this one and I'm all for that. 

And can we address the elephant in the room right off the batt?? Like really, seriously. WHO OF YOU SAW THAT SIBLING THING COMING?Who in their right mind would've put two and two together. Math is definitely not my thing, just like Charley, proven by how I couldn't even add up those numbers. 

And BEEP I saw you girl and I imagined you beautiful!Raise their hands all the ones rooting for a spin off for Beep and you-know-who (meeeeeeeeeee)

“In the meantime, I had to get dressed and go to work, because going to work in my pajamas was apparently the definition of unprofessional. Cookie's words. I looked it up though. She was wrong. Webster's mentioned nothing about pajamas.”

This is just the perfect read. I enjoyed it so so much. 

From the stress of thinking of an affair to a love child, from the fear for Ubie to the boys in the green van, from Charley kissing A HELL OF A LOT OF MEN to spend the entire night making love to the son of satan, from Cookie's awesomeness to the case that made a turn for the worse, from legions behind a certain angel to an army of chosen behind a god. 

I loved loved it all. Annnnd... why... just why... I'll never underestimate the powers of playing twister when mad with your significant other. 

That's all. Peace out or in or whatever suits you. 

"I think there's more than meets the eye. I see greatness in him, Reyes. I see a power beyond our imaginings. I see him giving his life for our daughter."

10(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.