Away for a bit..

Hi my beautiful people!
I'm writing a short post just to let you know that I won't be here today, Friday Nov. 2nd and tomorrow, saturday Nov. 3rd.
I seriously don't know how it slipped my mind... but it's kind of like a holiday so there you have it.

--Yes, this means I won't be able to draw any winner on the giveaways nor contac them... So I might as well open them a week more... stop by on monday and you'll be able to enter, if you haven't still, for all next week so do not fret ;) --

I had planned on posting 2 reviews but obviously that is NOT happening :'(
Hope you all have a lovely weekend and read tons!!!

I started rererererereading the Night Huntress series just yesterday... I'm almost done with the first one...
I seriously didn't know it was possible... but, apparently I have fallen even more deeply in love with Bones...

We shall do something fun next week!! When I'm home from my short trip hehehehe.
Say like... a read along on some book??
A mini Reading Challenge??
Who knows, I'm all about dreaming BIG <3<3<3<3