-review- Silver by Talia Vance

Goodreads shortie:

Brianna has always felt invisible. People stare right past her, including the one boy she can't resist, Blake Williams. But everything changes at a house party where Brianna's charm bracelet slips off and time stands still. In that one frozen, silver moment, Blake not only sees her, he recognizes something deep inside her she's been hiding even from herself.


The characters-scenery:
I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved each and every single character in this book. I've rummaged through all my mind and vocabulary and I've come up empty-handed.
Whether I was reading a scene with Brianna or with Blake, with Austin or with Chelsea, with Joe or with Haley. 

I am truly at a loss.
ALL the characters made me feel, ALL characters inspired emotions. 

Whether I was laughing or crying or cursing-yes, this book made me curse people T_T and I don't curse at all! I'm even surprised I knew how!-or smiling or melting or getting all hot and bothered or hating or... See? 

Every single emotion known to man kind, I felt.

-I didn't need to see my soul to know the darkness inside.-

The Plot:
I have this bad habit of almost never reading book descriptions. Seriously... I HAVE to get rid of it.
But once I read the first word of the book? Didn't matter at all.

Author Talia Vance develops a plot that many have tried to write but very few manage to deliver.

It all revolves around, where do you come from, whom do you come from, or from WHAT do you come from?

When the things you rely on to keep your feet on the ground are pure school subjects, like math or science.
When even after the impossible has happened you simply, DO.NOT.WANT.TO.BELIEVE.
When being invisible is the only thing you have ever known.
When being in the shadows of others is your safe place.
When you've been kept secrets that even if they were told to you, you'd never listen or trust them.
When you're bonded to the one person that holds the power to kill you????

-It's weird how danger feels so much like safety.-

There's magic beyond the science, even in the simplest of things.
Once you open your eyes to the truth there is no going back.
Becoming visible is the most dangerous thing that could happen to you.
Silver light flashes through the shadows that once enveloped you... Now there's light, there's knowledge.
There's truth.
And... there's love. 

Trust me when I tell you, this book is like nothing you have ever read before.

And the author's writing?
Exquisite! I wanted to eat all her words and be able to deliver them, with the same cadence with which she wrote them, on a daily basis.

-"God, warlock, angel, demon. Would not a rose by any other name smell as sweet?"-

Oh My Cloud! My Poor Feelings:
I felt like dying when I read the last words.
I didn't want to let go, I don't think I have let the story go from my mind to this day.

The beginning of the book was the THING for me, the part that got me and didn't let go. I cried, I related, I cried again. My emotions were raw and splayed all over my tear-streaked face when people came in the room at home. I didn't care. I just wanted to go back to reading this... this... I don't even know what to call this book. I want to wrap it tight, swallow it whole and let it fill every part of my body and mind. I'm traumatized, I'm marked for life. And I'm definitely ruined for all men out here in the real world.

How did she manage to make the one guy I distrusted and hated and whose intentions were the most awful ones, be the one I ended up in love with and who I rooted to live for till the very end of the book, is simply BEYOND ME!

I wanted to hate Austin, wanted to love Blake... Wanted to love Austin and wanted to hate Blake.
I completely despised the poor excuses of friends that Brianna had. I wanted to kiss Joe. I wanted to have magic and sneak up on all the people that wanted to harm Brianna.

Not that I would have been of much help, seeing as Brianna was a strong character throughout the whole story.

I don't think I have ever wanted  to be just a regular invisible girl as much as I did when I discovered what a Bandia was.

I don't think I'll ever look at silver color the same way EVER again in my life, and while we're at it, let's say I more than want a horse, a bracelet and... that loose drape garments have never held any appeal to me... until...


And, please let's just NOT start talking accents... Okay?

-We are a match made in hell.-

Let's finish with, My Weaknesses:

Both were on this book.
First, the tittle!
Guys, if the word tittle Silver, isn't any indication of what this book is about, I seriously don't know what is. 
The tittle is the center stage of the book, is the book reduced to one word, though I might use some other more... explicit one. 
I mean it. The tittle is SIMPLY PERFECT.
Second, the cover!
The cliffs, her gown, her hair, her pose, the colors. Dark blue, shadows, and silver light right at the edge... FAR, FAR ahead... but there...
I have a serious case of cover love, tittle love, author love, character~Blake cough Austin cough Joe cough Matt cough~love.

-My weakness is not the killer inside me at all. It's the girl.-

Talia Vance. I love you. I love your writing. I love everything about this book. I'm sorry I stalk you so much, but I'm not sorry I will continue the stalking. Wherever you are, know that in me, you have a complete and devoted reader.

After reading this, there is NO book by Talia Vance that will go unread by my eyes.

-Darkness and light together. Souls fused and melded.
Forever bound.-

A thrilling story about a girl that was invisible, about silver light that holds power, about mysterious and dark intentions, and about beauty and appeal being the most awful curse of all.


I Give This Book
10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.



Review based on a galley, early copy, ARC. Provided by the publisher via Netgalley.


  1. yes you are a hot mess . lol
    a review full gushing lol
    gr8 review

    1. Lol I definitely was when I read it and even afterwards.
      Hahaha I gushed???? Really??? Hehe, sorry???

      Thank youuuuu

  2. Wow, awesome review! You're excitement is infectious!:D I must read this ASAP! (LOVE the quotes you chose!<3)

    1. Thank you so much, hehehehe I got a BIT caried away..
      You do have to get it though <3<3


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