-rookie review- Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

[Non edited]
I know that when I read the first hunger games book I said that it reminded me form the Uglies series...not anymore! AT ALL!!
this book...from start to finish was a world on it own...I mean...you can practically feel it happening all around you...
I think I would never EVER! be able to overcome everything Katniss manages to on this 3rd and last book...
who's the enemy? who's your friend? who to trust????really really trust??
when to give up? when to kill? when to speak? when to kiss? when to CRY??
if the book ended up with Katniss not crying at all over all the loses she's had over all the books I would've ended up not liking the book at all...
but GOD!! did it blew me away! between rescuing Peeta, trying not to loose the only true friend she's had her entire life Gale, watching as her sister Prim grows up without her being able to prevent it, following orders from yet another president who seems to have a liking for games as well as Snow, Coin, and an endless list to run through...I think Katniss nails it down well...even if I can't agree with every thought and action from hers...I can always put myself in her position and over rule every bad thought I had from her in this book...
I love the quote at the ending...and the Epilogue was favorite part of the book...
ended up crying as usual...but that's not a first...so just ignore it^-^

I give this book
5fotitos=~Sobs hard~Too good to be true!

April 8th 2011


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