K-Song of the Week - Crazy by 4MINUTE

Hello my beautiful people!!

As I told you on the last post I'm going to start talking about a lot more than just books over here on the blog. Although I might just have to make a whole new blog to talk all about my new addictions: Makeup and K-pop respectively...

But don't worry I'll still be reading and reviewing books ;)

Now on to the main topic of this entry :D

Thanks to koreaboo (a kpop-kworld site I visit almost daily) I found out about 4MINUTE's new video and WOAH! What a video!!

--->>> 4MINUTE is back and better than ever! The girls show off an amazing updated look unlike anything fans have seen in the group’s previous promotions with their 6th mini-album and title track, “Crazy.”
Released on February 9th at noon KST, 4MINUTE goes crazy in their new hip-hop dance track, a bass and trap sound mixed in to create a powerful song. The music video is completely monotone in black and white, but only goes further to highlight the members’ powerful presence and charisma. Dancing to a hip and intense choreography, 4MINUTE was aided by choreographers Parris Goebel & Kiel Tutin, who is known to have worked with American pop star Jennifer Lopez. <<<--- (Source:koreaboo)

As you can see this is their 6th mini album but this is the first time I'm listening to one of their songs. And I have to admit I'm liking this new look and music style of theirs. I looked into some of their old songs and they kind of sounded too much a girly group for me but thank God for this song!! I'm loving it!!


IF you're interested in me posting reaction videos to all the kpop madness say so on the comments below.

You'll find that korean pop is somewhat addictive not just because of the great beat of the songs but also because it isn't ONLY pop that they release. Right now (besides my ultimate favorite boy band of all time EXO) I've been somewhat obsessed with korean hip-hop? I don't actually know if they call it hip hop but that's the vibe it gives to me.

Anyway. If you've never heard or seen a kpop reaction video I completely recommend you go check out these 2 youtube channels:


They never fail to make me want to add a new singer or band or group to my never ending list of favorite kpop artists :D And I just kind of KNOW all about the feels you know? We bookish people live, breathe, eat, digest feels 24/7.

Until next time...

Has any of you ever been fan of kpop? Have you ever heard of it? Love it? Hate it?