-A [Fikt] shun Week- Day #5

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Wow!! Seems like the week just flew by!!
I'm sad to announce 2 things...
First, I'm sick T_T BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Second, I cannot believe 'A Fiktshun Week' is almost over you guys!!!!!
I hope everyone's having fun!! And continues to as the week is almost but not over just yet!!

Today... I, for the love of the clouds, cannot believe who I managed to reach out to and contact and practically... I can't remember much of the emailing that went on, because seriously...

She's one of the bloggers who, along with Fiktshun, Mindy, Jaime, Jean, Giselle, Momo and so many more, is definitely WAY out of my league.
I'm a silent stalker of hers... So far I haven't managed to comment frequently on her blog... I feel like it's too shiny and full of awesome to get spammed with my never-ending comments!

Excuse me if I'm rambling but I seriously seriously cannot believe who's going to join me and my Fiktshun love fest right this moment.

Thank you so much for taking the time to drop by girl!
Now, mi casa es su casa ;)


The Bookish Brunette

***Ooooh!! How much do I adore Rachel @ Fiktshun???? Let me count the ways!

I can't remember exactly how I first "met" Rachel... But when I VERY first started blogging and I stumbled upon her blog, I remember thinking, "OMG! This. Is. Awesome." I only HOPED my blog could ever be as amazing as hers was!

I was so nervous, that I literally stalked her blog for months (yes... MONTHS) before I actually had the nerve to comment! I mean, she's a rockstar blogger and I was this newbie just "pretending" to have any clue as to what I was actually doing!

Now, I'm lucky enough to call Rachel one of my best blogging friends!

Fiktshun is SO freaking amazing! She's one of the most generous, sweet and nicest chicks that I've ever had the pleasure of knowing! And she continues to be an inspiration to me to this day! Her reviews are always full of AWESOME and she comes up with the best features and events EVER!

Bloggers like Rachel are the reason I keep blogging and she always reminds me of why I love it so much!

Ashley - The Bookish Brunette***

You can stalk Ashley on her,

[Oh my GOD!!!!! T______________T Thank you for this, I mean it! T_T thank you thank you thank you! 
This is like... you know... something I never would have thought possible! >_____< the ZOMBIE queen... Okay... I'll stop right there. And I completely agree!! Rachel is so freaking generous and simply amazing!! She is definitely an inspiration... even if she won't accept it or won't take the compliment... She definitely is!]

See Rachel?
Maybe after tomorrow's post you'll understand, if maybe a little, of why I stalk you so much, look up to you, and care for you ;)
Just wait and see...
The best has yet to come...

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  1. Awww! You are too sweet!!! Thank you so much! And Fiktshun is ABSOLUTELY fabulous! <3

    1. T______________T
      Seriously??? I don't know why you thank me...
      Thank YOU!

  2. Oh my gosh I love Ashley! She is THE Zombie Queen after all. And first, my blog will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be as cool or as awesome as hers. I don't care that I started blogging first. Truth.

    Fact. I don't have a CLUE what I'm doing. And I'm so not a rockstar blogger. I'm just this bookish type who rambles on endlessly about stuff. Not cool. Not rockstar.

    And excuse me, but my features are SO not the best? Have you LOOKED at your blog lately? Um, no. Your blog is so amazing. My blog pales to the post of translucence compared. Yeah, dude, you totally rock it!

    But... so not to be totally rude... thank you so freaking much for saying such nice things about lowly ole me. You rock!

    And thank you Alba for doing all of this. But let's let next week be Jaime or Ashley or Mindy or Momo's week. *nods*

    1. ¬______________________________¬


  3. Love this!! I love The Bookish Brunettes blog and for her to d=say that about Rachel just goes to show,for anyone unlucky enough to not have seen Fiktshuns blog, they are missing out!! Great post :)

  4. Another amazing post!!! How could anyone NOT love Rachel, anyways? :D I actually found Ashley's blog through fiktshun, though I really should be commenting more. *sigh*

  5. I'm feeling the love. I generosity that is being shown is infectious.

  6. I seriously love Fiktshuns blog-and I love it even more now, if that's possible!

  7. I'm a silent stalker too! So far I haven't managed to comment frequently but i have to do it! I enjoy and love so much reading this fantastic and amazing blogs! Thank you so much for this excelent post u are doing master! :D


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