-A [Fikt] shun Week- Day #1

We're starting you guys!
As I said yesterday on THIS post, this week is

A [Fikt] shun Week!
[Also! Ina from Smiling_ina's Bookish Corner made the button slightly smaller so if anyone wants to grab it it's on the sidebar!]

So if you're just joining us, do not worry!! You're just in time and right on schedule.

Today on the blog we have 2 amazing people, they will both be sharing a little bit about why they think Rachel rocks or telling us how they met, or you know just simply going along with the love fest that this week is! One's a blogger/multitasker and the other one is an author.

I 'met'/'got to know about them' thanks to Rachel! Either by reading her torturous reviews of one of the guest's books or catching some of their talk on twitter with the other one.

First up, because I thought to myself, "What better way to start all this than with a person who, I'm sure, loves Rachel as much as I do <-NOT POSSIBLE." And also, because well, she's the first one I approached when I first thought of doing this event, is:

Two Chicks On Books!

You can catch Jaime on,
Her Blog

Oh famous Blogger Jaime! Thanks so much for joining us!!
Why is it you think the subject in question is sooooooo amazing! ~winkwink~

Why my BFF Rachel from Fiktshun is amazeballs.

***It’s really hard to pinpoint when Rachel and I figured out we were meant to be friends (more like long lost sisters). We just started talking on twitter one day and, two years later here we are! I don’t know what I’d do if she wasn’t in my life! 

She is my sounding board for every crazy idea I’ve had and I literally go a little nuts when we haven’t talked in a few days. Her recent move? I’ll admit I did get more reading done late at night but I still missed our conversations. 

And just let me tell you she is one of the most giving people I know! I have so many awesome gifts from her and she never expects anything in return which I ignore since I send her stuff too lol. 

We just decided to go into partnership with Rockstar Book Tours and I have no stress like I did with previous people that I have worked with. Rachel and I complement each other so much she is the yin to my yang or as she would say I’m mellow to her uptight lol. I think that’s why we work so well! I heart you BFF!!!!!!***

[Oh wow!! See? I'm not the only one who thinks you rock Rachel!!
Jaime!! Thanks again for participating!!! Million, million thanks!! <3333]

Up next is the amazing author I was talking about earlier...
You see...

If it weren't for Rachel I wouldn't have met the only Jin who will forever own my heart... Starting to guess who this is?
Well, if you still haven't figured it out just yet, let me fill you in ;)

You can find her on,
Her Website
Facebook +18

Still clueless? Okay... here->

That is completely right!
We have royalty in the house people!

Beautiful author Samantha Young is also sharing the Fiktshun love this monday!
The stage is yours Samantha!! <3

***When an indie writer first starts out, the world of publishing can seem like a pretty cold and lonely place. It’s difficult to get your stories out to readers and reviewers without the backing of a traditional publisher. For some of us, we’ve been lucky enough to meet people like Rachel at Fiktshun. 

Rachel’s passion for books is evident in everything she does as a blogger. If the story intrigues Rachel, she’ll take a chance on it, whether it was traditionally published or not. No one appreciates that more than an indie, and I am a writer that appreciates all Rachel has done to help bring my books to more readers. Her reviews are always beautifully written, thoughtful and articulate. But more than being an awesome reviewer, Rachel is just an incredibly kind and generous person and blogger. I’ve never met anyone more eager to share her love for books with others, hosting her own giveaways, gifting kindle books, mailing arcs across the other side of the world so a reader (me!) can discover what was so incredible about the book she loved.

Rachel, you are what book blogging is all about. And we hardworking authors and voracious readers appreciate all you do!***

[Awwwweeeeeeeeeeeee I love it!! Thanks for agreeing to this, specially when I told you about it on such a short notice Samantha!!! Thanks thanks thanks!!! <3333]

Well, that's it for today!!
Hope you got to know a bit more about who this BookAngel aka Fiktshun aka Torturer, Rachel is!!
Stay tuned and come back tomorrow for more surprise guests!!!
Also...keep on the lookout for the secret giveaway! One might never know when it happens!!

[Forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes of mine T_T my laptop is being too slow!]


  1. Seriously, reading these two posts totally gave me goosebumps!!! What a perfect way to start your Fiktshun Week off, Alba! :D

    I can't wait to read all the other posts you have planned!!! :)

  2. The best post ever!!! I got teary. Rachel is just AMAZING and Im so glad you are doing this Alba.

    1. Yayyy!!! Awww sorry for making you cry though :/

  3. Okay first of all, Alba, you are so amazingly awesome!

    Second, I freaking LOVE Jaime's guest post. Oh my gosh I am the uptight to her mellow. And she is my sounding board too. I was just writing about that in a post. If not for her, you'd see some really bad ideas floating out there.

    She's the only one I trust to tell me when I'm being an idiot. Because that happens. A LOT!

    Thanks Jaime for saying such nice things and you give me WAY more cool stuff than I EVER gave you, so :P

    And Alba, TY for asking her. She is the perfect person to start out this week.

    And oh my gosh, Third, Samantha Young? Now I am really blushing. And humbled.

    Thank you so much, Sam, for the kind words. But I have to say, I wasn't taking a gamble on your writing. I knew immediately that you were extremely creative, extraordinarily talented and a total professional. And your success just proves that point again and again. I am a fan for life and will cheer every single one of your books on as long as you continue to write.

    And so sorry for your laptop Alba! I'll stop rambling here because I'm just too teary right about now. :)

    1. Hi Rachel, it is a pleasure to find a book blogger such as yourself. I love pretty blogs (who doesn't) and seeings as how you are a big fan of Parajunkees Designs, you left a comment on her blog awhile ago and I clicked your name and that is how I found your blog(s) In fact I snagged the skullsy template that you wanted :p Sowie.

    2. @Fiktshun
      I love rambles... you know... FYI :)

  4. I am a stalker but I don't think I ever commented on her blog . I am always left speechless and in awe ...I think FREE Book Tours is a great idea and I hope it is a huge success.

    1. I hope you get to know her blog a bit with this.

  5. I do love book blogs. I stalk, but don't always comment. I should.

  6. I often stalk blogs, but don't usually comment unless I feel an absolute need to (like now)!

  7. I Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your post! you are awesome master! :D book blogs are the best!

    1. hahahahaha
      Tus comentarios me matan de la risa :D


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