BookPics is Curious -Amazing Blogger, Rachel @ Fiktshun-

In case you didn't get a chance to read my Apology post HERE it is.
But mostly I just said I'm crying over the fact of not having enough free time to do my usual blog-clears throat-Fiktshun-stalking and writing reviews and posts.

I think this post might make a bit more sense if you read that other one.
Consider this a continuation?

But as I said on that post, I miss being here and interacting on the blogosphere... I'm desperate to get done with all these errands and stuff to get my heart rate back to normal and to get my blog-stalking fix schedule right to how it was before... Because I'm freaking out ¬_¬ SHOCK!

The one blog I'm seriously having panic attacks over is Fiktshun.

It's no news that I love Rachel's site. No surprise in the fact that I look up to her the most.
And today, I found myself in a really rare moment of rest? I don't know, I just know I'm at home, early, with spare time to write posts, do some blog stalking and just let myself get lost in the book/reading/writing thing. You know what else? I'm stalking and commenting/spamming Fiktshun's!!!!

And doing my rounds on facebook, I stumbled upon a shared link.

That link will lead you to the site to which this button belongs to.

I don't think I ever saw this coming. Not after some twitter convos I had what feels like a lifetime ago while in reality were just last August.

The site is run by 2 of my favorites, don't worry we're going back to F in a bit.
Jaime from Two Chicks on Books & Rachel from Fiktshun.

I am rendered, once again, speechless.

I don't know who came up with the idea and I seriously don't think that matters. Because that site is completely awesome and I recommend you, specially authors, to check it out.

What I still can't get over... Is the fact that Rachel's in there.

I think it's safe to say I've been following and then stalking her for well, all my blogger lifetime, and she never NEVER ceases to amaze me.
It's like she's some kind of super-blogger-woman or something.

I mean, sure, if she were to read this... She'd be all like.
"-_-. Alba, there are some WAY bigger bloggers and some REALLY awesome bloggers out there. I'm not awesome nor big..." [-blush-That was SUCH a bad impersonation by the way.] Blah, blah blah... She never has taken my compliments without any way to change the subject to anything/anyone but her.

Still, she is amazing with her followers, a complete torturer when she can-which is almost always I start talking books with her-a completely happy person, she always stands up for what she thinks is right, she doesn't like drama, she writes the most awesome reviews ever! I mean, seriously have you read her most recent one? I never wanted to read BREATHE more than after I finished reading her review!~clears throat~

Where was I? Oh yeap. So you see? She has one of the most coolest blog<- I almost never use that word but since my english is failing me I really ask for forgiveness.

I could go on and on and on...Like how she runs more sites that I can count... How she interrogates not interviews but actually interrogates authors/characters/bloggers and I enjoy every second of it! Or how she simply gives too much for her own good. How she's too good to me when all I really do is spam her comments section and maybe even scare people/her followers away with my embarrassments and stuff...

And how she is not only an extremely good blogger but also a really special person to me, even if she doesn't notice, sometimes she says just the kind of thing to cheer someone up! And I thank her for that. She also is the one responsible for the creation of my 'BookAngels' tittle and she encouraged me to participate in on some blog tours when I had pretty much just given up on the whole thing!

She also is the reason I have 'met' so many other bloggers and bookish people out there! Like her blogger friends...
I think I've come to think of them as some sort of blogger royalty.
What with Jaime and Mindy and Kristina and Ashley, Avery... and so many more!

But, back to the point.

Fiktshun is simply amazing. And I don't think I'm the only one who thinks that...


Then I thought to myself... Why not let her know just how amazing she is by some sort of event. One in which I wouldn't be alone rambling and rambling about how much I love her-seriously I think even I know my limits, maybe?-but others as well.

Here is where the tricky part came. I'm NOT an open person, on the contrary I'm so shy it literally affects my life, every single day but this is Rachel we are talking about, obviously, that meant I had to break through some of my weirdest and worst fears in order to make this happen.

I started to contact people-shivers-people I would hardly ask anything of, people I stalk-silently-and people who I admire so much I was literally sweating and shaking by the time I had managed something resembling a request to send as an email.

To make this long post a bit less tiring, let me just tell you. I cannot believed what happened next.

So here I am, starting this Rachel/Fiktshun Appreciation Week! Which I called, because I'm NOT the most creative person out there...


It'll be from Monday, October 22nd to Friday, October 26th, with me doing a wrap up post Saturday, October 27th.
We'll have surprises all the days!! Maybe a guest post? Who knows! But if you're curious enough, feel free to stalk the blog all the week! You NEVER know who could drop by!! Also there will be a secret giveaway.

And well, I just hope you enjoy!
And if you still haven't visited her blog or didn't know she existed. This'll be your opportunity to get to do so and get to know one of the most talented, amazing, torturer, teaser, >.< , Luke lover person in the whole universe!!

Also, she has her 2nd, as in SECOND, TWO, DOS, DUE! Blogoversary coming this November!!
I'm so excited for her and I am a PROUD follower and self-declared #1Satalker of hers!
If you didn't know, be prepared for one cloud of a celebration!

I think I've rambled enough.
Remember this is just the kickoff post...

You're welcome to join us in the comments section and share the love ;)

I hope you too enjoy Rachel, as this comes from my very fan/book lover/comment spammer/#1stalker of yours... And then some...

-evil laugh-


  1. I'm also a Fiktshun super fan! And I agree...she's a big time blogger even if she doesn't want to admit it. And she rocks in so many different ways. I love your "Fiktshun Week" button! :)

    1. -High Fives-
      Oh that, she is, definitely... I wonder if she will EVER admit it!

      Oh my clouds!!
      Thank you!!!!!
      If you only knew!!!!
      And I love that you love it! <3

    2. Mindy - am SO not! But thank you so much! And I love Alba's button, too. Apparently I have a lot of graphics on my site lolol, but that button ROCKS!

      Alba - Never, because it's NOT true. I'm just a blogger, just like everyone else. No more big time than anyone. So :P but I still think you're awesome.

  2. Well, I think you know I'm a pretty big Fiktshun fan too. I don't comment as often as I'd like- I almost always embarrass Rachel and myself. But I do so in appreciation of her general awesomeness. She has a wealth of information she freely shares, she's encouraging and generous and humble. Her most endearing quality may be her refusal to see herself as the positive influence she is in the blogging community
    We all know it Rachel! Open your eyes, woman! You're PoPuLar! ;)
    Alba, this is a wonderful post and a wonderful idea. Can't wait to see what surprises you have in store for Rachel, her friends and fans! <3

    1. :D
      I do!! And lately I haven't been able to comment as I've always done!
      Thanks!!! I hope you enjoyed the week!

  3. Alba, you rock!!! This is such an amazing idea!!! And just so you know, your impersonation wasn't bad at all! I totally imagine her saying/thinking that. ;)

    Oh hey, do you have a sidebar version of your button, so peeps can put it on their blog to promote it for you??? :)

  4. Alba, your impersonation wasn't so far off, LOL. *blushes* Your post made me cry. A LOT. I'm still crying. So I haven't been to sleep yet but I'd still be crying anyway.

    I do NOT deserve such a week, but I'm not going to be so rude as to say I don't love it, don't appreciate or don't love you for it. Because you have just made my decade.

    And as shy as I am about receiving compliments and attention, I am very curious just what you've been up to.... You are a little bit devious in a good way aren't you? ;)

    1. Good to know!!! WHAT??????????
      I don' think I inspired myself enough :( I wanted to say so much more!!! You've been completely and absolutely AMAZING to me!!! Sorry for making you cry though...

      You DO deserve it. More than you know.... <333

      I hope you had fun and I got to surprise you since apparently you're very very hard to surprise!

  5. ALBA!!! Ahora tengo q escribir mi parte! Ya me asusté! :O Me encanta, ahora yo necesito mi propio blog. Las ganas de tener uno vienen y van cada cierto tiempo haha.

    You shy?!!! Are you crazy? Then I suppose I'm antisocial or something. No way you are shy, I've seen how you *talk* to people, not in a million years I could do that.

    Love the idea btw!! :D

    1. hahahahahahah :D

      I AM shy, you have NO idea!!


  6. Fiktshun is the absolute coolest! She's really the only blog I regular.

  7. Fiktshun is the sweetest blogger ever! Have you read Bloggers Corner lately? Wowie

    1. Agreed, I actually stalk all her sites but BC is the one I silently stop by... almost never comment.


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