-A [Fikt] shun Week- Day #4

Well, would you look at that!! Author M.R. Merrick definitely did justice at showing us why he thinks Rachel @ Fiktshun rocks!!!
Once again I thank him for being so nice and accepting the invitation to be a part of this!!!!

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Moving on...

Today we have 2 amazing bloggers on the blog, both I met via Fiktshun though in one case... I was already following her when I figured out that she was the same who left comments on Rachel's site... of course it was kind of embarrassing figuring out that the one blog you silently stalked belong to one of the commenters on Rachel's blog without you knowing it...

First up!
Welcome to the blog



Maricar! Welcome to the blog!
[Fun fact, Maricar's site-Blackplume-was actually the first site on which I was interviewed! It was fun and a bit intimidating :D]
She's here to share with us why she thinks Rachel's Fiktshun + some more sites... Rock!!

***We all know that Rachel got a lot followers not only on her so many blogs but also on her other online accounts. With so many followers I am not sure if I am qualified to give a message about her. I'm not her number one stalker (I can't beat Alba on that position and I am more a silent stalker) but I think it is safe to say that I can be counted as one of Rachel's loyal followers.

When I first stumbled on Rachel's blog, Fiktshun two years ago, it wasn't that known yet to blogosphere and I was not that active as well as a book blogger at that time. I rarely comment on any blogs or join any online discussions. But eventually I've learned to participate in the online community through her blog. Because of Fikshun, I've met great bloggers and fellow book lovers online, one of them is the lovely owner of BookPicks, Alba. Fiktshun is the site where we constantly discuss books and other book related topics. It is like our meeting place or our common grounds, then the're also Fiktshun's Facebook page and of course twitter.

[BP: Awwwe, you didn't! >____< BLUSH! Yo're a great blogger and book lover as well Maricar!]

One of the things I like about Rachel is how honest and straightforward she is. She's never ashamed of writing her thoughts, may it be for a book, a person or just simply ramblings her feelings. It is also a known fact to everyone how generous she is, but more than her giving nature, Rachel is simply helpful and supportive. Every time I got questions about blogging, copyright issues or anything in general she never failed to answer all my queries with the best of her knowledge. I really appreciate all the efforts and time she gave me everytime I bug her online. Sometimes I feel guilty asking her more because I know how busy she is with all her blogs, personal life and other activities she engages herself into. Not to mention that she and I live on different time zones of the earth, which makes it possible that I may be totally disturbing her during wee hours. But still she entertains all my queries and request. I am really thankful and grateful to her.

Rachel's passion in writing and reading simply amazes me. I've met a lot of passionate readers but I never met someone like Rachel who give all her time, knowledge and effort for the love of books. Those so many book blogs she's running are proofs of how dedicated she is as a blogger, reader and writer. Up until now I still don't know how she can manage all those sites together with her other online accounts. I don't think I can ever do all those things she's doing. Even if I don't sleep I still can't do it for sure, with that I salute Rachel for her hard work and dedication.
And because of her hard work and dedication, Rachel has become an inspiration to me. She's the push that I need every time I feel slacking in blogging. By simply thinking she can write creative posts on all her blogs at least once a week, I feel I can write one too on my own. I really admire her works. She is creative, articulate and honest in writing her reviews and thoughts. As I said to her before, I love reading her works, especially the "Random Thoughts" in her blog. That is my favorite feature of Fiktshun. Reading those post don't just give me peaks about her topics but also her personal views which make it easy to feel connected to her not just as a blogger but also as a person. Obviously, she is sharing not just her talents but also part of her personal life.

She may not know it nor accept it, but she contributes so much in this book blogging community. I for myself wouldn't be an active book blogger without her help. I hope she never gets tired of doing what she is doing. She's one of the best book bloggers I know, no online bullies and online dramas can change that! She is truly amazing and inspiring.***

[Stands up, applauds.
Girl I think you couldn't have said it better!]

Thanks so much for doing this girl!
I appreciate it and I know Rachel will too, when she reads it.

You can find Maricar on her,

I have a really really special guest coming next...
Not only because I stalk her blog regularly or because I love her or because she is an amazing person...Nope...
But because she is so freaking nice it's not even funny!!
I am forever grateful that Rachel's site made me realize she was the same person whose blog I had been following for a while... I cannot even tell you how special this guest is to me...


Beware... she's one of my BookAngels so... tread carefully when it comes to her... Enough said.

Okay, now to the good part!
~evil laugh~ Yey!!! Here Rachel... :D Enjoy! 
I'm completely pleased to welcome to the blog,

Magical Urban Fantasy Reads

Work your magic girl!
And again... Thanks so much!!

***Hey y'all! It's Mindy with Magical Urban Fantasy Reads. I’ve recently come up with a new theory. I now believe that Rachel from Fiktshun has some pretty awesome super powers. I wish I knew what kind of mythical creature she is, because if getting bit or scratched by her is the way for me to become whatever super powered species she is…I think I just might become a crazy BDB stalker. Ewwww! Gross!!! OK…maybe not BDB…but I think she might try to fight me, which would then lead to her biting and/or scratching me. Bwahahahaha! But her super powers are nothing like any mythical creature I’ve ever heard of. She has to be some type of hybrid, or she is her own awesome mythical species. Too bad she’s openly confessed that she has no intensions of procreating because the world would be a better, more awesome world if we had more little Rachels.

Do you want to know why I think Rachel has super powers? On more than several occasions she has popped up, out of nowhere, and has done something super-powered-special for me when I least expected it. But the thing that is most ominous…is that she always does it when I’m in a funk or having a really bad day, week or crappy month. And pretty much every single time, she has been able to pull me out of this funk. It’s like she was telepathically aware that I was in need, and she knew exactly what I needed!

Did you know that she also has a job that takes many, many, many hours of her life and she is still able to successfully run more than a few totally awesome blogs? Here are a few of her awesome blogs I follow: Fiktshun, Fiktshun's Ramblings, Fiktshun After Dark, Blogger's Corner, My Reading Pile and Co-Owner of Rockstar Book Tours. Does she even sleep? How does she have time to read? SUPER POWERS I tell you!

I’m sure that everyone reading this is fully aware of whom Rachel from Fiktshun is, but if you don’t, you are missing out and you need to get to know her and her super powers ASAP!***


[Mindy, one word, SLEEPLESS! Seriously, every single time I mention sleep is like Rachel doesn't even know what the word means! T___________T Then came the move... I think the one thing I'm definitely thankful for is that she's getting more Zzzz's and that definitely is a plus. 
And can I just say... OH MY GOD!! I love this post! You're so completely right! Let's do some research in your theory! I'm completely all over that!! Also!! X________X TRUE TRUE TRUE! She has this way of knowing just when to come out of nowhere and BOOM. I remember each and every single time she has done it for me and each and every single time I cry... Specially the last time... I was bawling so hard I had to get off the internet and take a break... It was THAT bad... :') So I definitely know what that feels like!
Thanks so much for taking your time Mindy! It means THE WORLD to me!]

You can stalk Mindy on her,

You guys!!
I cannot believe this week is almost over!!!
And to think all the fears I had to overcome and fight in order to make this happen...
Hope you join is tomorrow for another special guest post... or was it posts? As in plural? Who knows... but wait, visit, and find out...
Until tomorrow!!!!


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  1. These posts just make me so teary!!! Well done Alba and I love the interviews :)

  2. Oh Alba, I love you for doing this but will be so glad that the week ends tomorrow as I'm blushing way too much. :)

    Maricar - I love discussing books with you. And I'm so glad I can be helpful - sometimes - though we are in different time zones and I'm never too sure that I make sense late at night. :)

    Thank you for your kind, kind words. I am passionate about books and I often over-share my thoughts but I'm no different than anyone else who loves books and loves talking about them. Like you or Alba. Though Alba, I think, is WAY more passionate about them than the 2 of us. :) You win Alba!

    Oh my gosh Mindy you are so so so so so so so so so so wrong, LOL! The world is so much better without little versions of me running around. Trust me. All these little neurotic, uptight people who'd terrorize the world and hate me. LOL.

    And no, I don't really sleep. I don't like to. I mean I love sleep and hate it at the same time. And I'm so glad you don't know about all those other blogs. Then you'd know how big a failure I really am. :)

    And I'm virtually anonymous. :) So don't let the secret get out. :) I'm like an online ghost. A ghost in a silly mood. :)

    Alba - TYSM for this week but next time let's make it all about Jaime and Mindy who are FAR more deserving of a week than I am. Trust me. This much I know!

    1. ~no comento~

      Though I hope you don't hate me hehehe for doing this all of a sudden...

  3. I think honesty is essential in a book related blog. I come to appreciate it.

  4. yay finally my computer is working and now i can comment here...
    I have been following your week using my email on phone... loved all the post till now i am in 100% agreement with you that fiktshun is superbly amazing fantsticaly awesome blogger.... i am a silent stalker and read her each and every post she is the best... and nice idea Alba for this whole fiktshun week... :)

  5. The of two them nailed it completely!!! I really, really enjoyed reading both these posts. I'm totally with Mindy, I do believe there must be some superpowers in place somewhere. ;)

  6. Another brilliant post-I don't want this to end!

  7. OMG! Amazing! I Love so much the way, you are doing this amazing post! Thank uuuu! master! u r AWESOME! :D


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