-A [Fikt] shun Week- Day #2

Oh boy!
Second day and still more to go!

Hope you're getting the hang of things!

Welcome, Welcome... <- sorry, too much The Hunger Games...
Where was I?
Yeap, Fiktshun.

Welcome to the second day on 'A [Fikt] shun Week' love fest!!

I cannot believe I had both Jaime and Samantha on yesterday's post! And to think we'll continue today!

This lovely tuesday and to follow up some of my curious trains of thought I invited to the blog, the one who is responsible of me and my stalking Rachel's blog.

If it weren't for this person and her comments on facebook, I might have never found out about Fiktshun, I would have never gotten to know this completely otherworldly person... HEAD ON THE GAME ALBA!

Enough of my silly introductions.
She's not a blogger nor an author BUT a FOLLOWER/READER. One I appreciate and care about and to whom I'll be forever thankful!
She also guest reviews from time to time on Rachel's site so some of you might already know her!

Rachel, if you ever have any complaints about me and my stalking you... You're welcome to thank this person for it :D

Neighbor! The blog is all yours!

Ana Lucía

***When Alba asked me to take part of her week dedicated to my favorite blog, Fiktshun, my first thought was “Heck yes!” and then when things got real I started to panic. Rachel is this awesome blogger I totally look up to so I’m a little nervous.

Fiktshun was the very first blog I started following 2 years ago. All I knew were Facebook fan pages dedicated to books but blogs, she was the first one. And perfect moment because she was starting her blog, less than 10 followers so I’m one of the proud initial members. 

Why I think she is such a great blogger? 

Well, basically because she rocks! But a more elaborate answer, because she is so professional with everything she does. From writing the most amazing reviews I've ever read and thoughtful posts about several topics to sharing all her love and passion for books with all her followers and readers. She is so super nice and friendly and took a chance on me to be a guest reviewer on her blog, with my amateur and not so great reviews, a complete random girl and to my joy and fangirl she said, yes! In the most friendly and professional manner of course and she gave me some additional information, always so helpful. That simple gesture has helped me so much to improve my English, which if you know me at all, know that I can barely talk/write in English. And for that I’m forever grateful. I wish I could write more than just a couple of reviews a year for her blog. 

[NO way! Neighbor, your english is good!!! ^_^]

I think she is one of the most influential bloggers out there, even when she doesn't like to admit it or take the compliments. After two years of blogging she has earned the respect and love from everyone around, authors, bloggers and simple readers like myself. And she is the most giving person I know, never expecting anything in return. And always so helpful! Even if she has like a million things to do and never sleeps she is always willing to help If she can, I admire that about her. You can easily find a friend in her, which is not something that easy to find. (Ha! See? I play with words). She is the whole package for an excellent and successful blogger if you ask me. 

But with everything I said before, you know why I think she is the greatest? 
Because she always, ALWAYS includes her readers in everything and treat them just like she is with her blogger friends, it’s all the same if I have a blog or not she is always nice and friendly, she doesn't care about that. I appreciate that more than she knows. 

So Rachel, I heart you very much and hope you are still here in the blogging community for more years to come and thank you for everything. You rock!***

[Gracias vecina!! Thanks neighbor for agreeing to this! I absolutely love this! 
I know right? She won't ever take compliments hahaha well, she'll just have to... you know ;)]

Of course now I have another guest...
Now, when I met this person she hadn't started her blog, we simply had fun stalking commenting on Rachel's site and remained on a constant tortured state that had nothing to do with pain and everything to do with book crushes!

Then she started her blog!
Now she's here to share with us and to agree with my point, Rachel ROCKS!

Welcome to the blog,

Smiling_Ina's Bookish Corner

You can stalk Ina on her,

Off you go and do your thing Ina <3333

***Before I start gushing over Rachel and all her amazing blogs, I just want to say a massive thank you to Alba for hosting this incredible event. You rock, girl! :)

I first discovered Rachel's blog Fiktshun about a year and a half ago. Until then I hadn't even known book blogs existed, let alone knew what they were all about. Hers was the very first blog I started following on a regular basis, and to this day it is the only one I check every single day. Even though I don't always leave comments, I'm always silently stalking. I truly respect her and all the hard work she does. If she says a book is worth reading, I believe her and try to check it out asap. At least half of the books on my TBR pile are there because of her.

She is such a generous and caring person. If she loves a book, there is no telling what she will do to torture and tease you until you “give in” and read the book yourself.

Rachel is also the reason I started blogging. If it wasn't for her, I would never have even thought about doing it. She has helped me more than once with a post or coding or anything else you could possibly think about. Even if she is crazy busy in real life, she still finds the time to help you out. I know I have had times where I wouldn't have known what to do without her advice and encouragement.

She is, by far, my most favorite blogger ever. She is extremely passionate about books and their authors and blogging in general. Honestly, I don't know anyone else who could successfully juggle that many blogs AND start up a wicked book tour service.

Thank you, Rachel, for everything you do for this community.

Thank you for introducing me to some of the best series out there – whether it's the Escape from Furnace series by Alexander Gordon Smith or The Touch Trilogy by Leah Clifford, to only name a couple. You know your books and you know what other readers love. It is thanks to you that I have found my one and only fictional crush – Tod Hudson. Without you, I would have never known about him and Kaylee and about a place called the Netherworld.

Thank you for spreading the word and supporting so many amazing authors, and for giving so much of your time and yourself while doing so. The book blogging world would not be the same without you, Rachel.
You are a true ROCKSTAR!!!***

Well girls, you definitely definitely nailed it!
I have to admit even I couldn't have said it any better... Maybe. hehehehe
And it must be such an honor to guest review on her blog, right vecina?

That's it for this second day!

Got to know a bit more about Rachel aka Fiktshun today?
See I'm not alone in my admiring her?

Until tomorrow and more surprises ;)

[The giveaway starts today... Comment... It'll help you ;)
I'll post the form... Someday this week ;)  ~~Suspense song~~  ]

[Forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes of mine T_T my laptop is still being too slow!]


  1. Thanks again so much, Alba, for letting me be a part of your epic event!!! Massive hugs for you, girl!!! <3

  2. Another great post!! Love seeing how people found out about Rachel :)

  3. Well I have to agree with the guestposts :) Rachel is very influential isn't she?

  4. Thank you for having me Alba! I feel silly but it's the truth. :)

  5. Firstly, oh my gosh, I am blushing. Madly. I am terrible at receiving compliments. So thank you Alba, Ana Lucia and Ina. I don't even know what to say. Just a little bit speechless. Still blushing.

    Ana Lucia - I remember our very first email exchange. I didn't know what I was doing in those early days. The only ones I had on my blog for guest reviews were my IRL friends and family. So I had no idea how to respond to someone I didn't know. I'd never been social online before, so I was so flattered you even wanted to send me a guest review.

    And, you put yourself down way too much. I love your reviews. I never would have posted them if I thought otherwise. I am still awaiting your blog, because it is one I would frequent.

    And I so agree with Alba, that I would never have guessed that your English is terrible! Because it's not!

    I am going to ignore the part about influence... but as far as readerrs go, I can't imagine why I would treat bloggers any different. We're all readers. I will be a reader long after I stop blogging. Just because I blog makes me no better than those who choose not to. I see it as we're all just this group of readers who love books, that's all that matters. :) And thank you so much for your kind words, even if I have such a hard time believing them.

    And Ina, I'm so sorry for your large TBR pile! I never try to tell people they "have to" read particular books as I am know very well how not all books aren't for everyone. I just can't help gushing about the books I love. And if others find and fall in love with those books too then YAY! But I'm so glad you discovered a few amazing authors that you love too. :) And I so do not "tease" or "torment"... okay, couldn't quite make it through that sentence. :) Yes, I do. I love to do that!

    I am SO happy to have introduced you to the world of Tod Hudson. :) He is the perfect fictional crush. :) I'm glad I can be of help, sorry I'm not always timely. Sometimes time and me aren't the greatest friends. :)

    I have loved getting to know you on Facebook and in the blogosphere Ina. I'm so glad you decided to start your own blog and share your thoughts when you can.

    I just know my comment will fail as it's too long. But thank you so much again Alba for this. I really don't deserve a day, let alone a week. But you are the awesome one!

  6. I did laugh at the Welcome, Welcome.

    I think I stumbled into my first book blog about 2 years ago. Now I'm hooked.

  7. I love these posts! Think I could read them all day...

  8. love, love itttt! This is so great! Thank you so much master! U Rock!


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