-A [Fikt] shun Week- The End (Cries)

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This is the end!!!
I had so much fun having such an amazing event over here!! I never, in all my life, would have thought that all these people would agree and support this on my blog! This is definitely one of those things that I'll never NEVER forget!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read and even more so everyone who commented here and there, if you didn't know about Fiktshun, I hope you do now!

Also, I really want to thank each and every single one of the guests that I had here. From bloggers; Jaime, Mindy, Maricar, Ina, Ashley: my neighbor Ana, and authors Samantha Young and M.R. Merrick...but wait...

There are 2 more people I must thank!!!
First is the one and only...
Rachel @ Fiktshun. I didn't know how she would react to this so I'm grateful that I'm still standing and in one piece... That's got to count for something right?
Rachelita!! I hope you had fun and enjoyed! And really really hope you got to see that you are, in fact, an amazing blogger, one with talent and who we all appreciate and love, specially me.
You're out of this world generous and while I really don't think you'll ever understand completely the whys' and the hows' of our appreciation and addiction to you and your blogs, at least you got a little sneak peek at our minds and what we all think of you and your sites.

I know I can only speak for myself but after reading all the posts this week... Can't you... um... SEE?

Thanks for being who you are and for running a blog that has meant to me a lot, giving me not just things to think about with one of your features but also making me cry or laugh completely out loud without taking into consideration the places or situations all around me, thanks for giving more than is, in my opinion, legal. And thank you for loving books and reading so much.

I think me and my reading and my shelves AND my blog owe you a lot... But maybe this was a good start?
Thank you thank you thank you... And yeap... Thanks for that last read that you got for me, that even now-whenever I remember-brings me to tears because of WHEN you got it for me... My heart will definitely never EVER in all the life I have yet to live, forget.

So... after such an awkward and embarrassing ending-rambling...

I have to present the last person to whom I owe some thanks... But first, let's see what that person did so I can actually write my gratefulness thing at the end...


Rachel Vincent
-cue my heart attack and my near death breathing-

***Rachel (Fiktshun) and her blogs are a wonderful model of what book blogging can be. She is well-read, well-spoken, well-organized, and dedicated to book blogging. She is conscientious and detail-oriented. She is contemplative, which I particularly appreciate.

Rachel values every aspect of the books she reads, from the characters and relationships to the language itself. She is respectful of and respected by the blogging community, and most of all, she is enthusiastic about both books and reading. In fact, her enthusiasm is infectious, for which I am thankful, as both a reader and an author.

Beyond all of that, I see in Rachel many qualities that aren’t required of a blogger, but are valued both in blogging and in life. Rachel is friendly. She is even-headed. She is generous with both her time and her resources. And she maintains an approachable, yet professional standard online, which I personally admire, and both publishers and authors—as well as her fellow bloggers, I suspect—have come to greatly value.

Thank you, Rachel! The book blogging community would not be the same without you!***

[Okay okay okay okay okay...
Just hold up a minute...
I mean it... Just WHERE am I and WHAT has become of this Earth in which super rockstar authors stop by MY blog!
MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean... MINE here in MY country with NO LOCAL PEOPLE at all to witness how I and myself and me and you know.... MELTS INSIDE with this HUGE THING...
I mean..............
Rachel FREAKING Vincent is HERE... As in T_____________________T
I swear with every fiber of my being... This just doesn't happen in real life... Sure I've stalked her for more time than I care to admit... And every single time I comment on her blog... it takes me like 10 times the normal to even write something coherent enough to submit into that tiny box that's called 'The comments section' so excuse me ladies and gentleman if I freak out and cry and sob and die because of who is here, right here, right now...
I even forgot everything I had prepared to say... I promise... I had rehearsed a really respectful and professional thank you to this author... But I look up to her so freaking much I am 100% sure it's impossible for me not to ramble and make my fingers fly on the keyboard just to get every single emotion that I'm feeling out here...
And, I have to say-deep breaths deep breaths- I agree wholeheartedly with you. The blogosphere wouldn't be the same without Rachel @ Fiktshun. Not at all.]

Now, everyone, if you'll excuse me... I'll have to go and find a pillow to cry on... I'm THIS near to burst from happiness...


You can stalk master/author Rachel Vincent on her;

Hope everyone enjoyed the week!!!!! RACHEL VINCENT OHMYCLOUDSSSSSSSSSSSS
And had fun and got to meet awesome blogger Fiktshun and RACHEL VINCENT AS IN TOD AND IN NASH AS IN KAY AND COKE AND PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND APRICOT JAMMMMMMMMMMM
Remember the giveaway people!!! In which, by the way... a book from T_________T the author who, whenever comments back on facebook or tweets back to me makes me scream like a lunatic, is also being given away!!!! O________O

I need to stop this now...
Until next time...

Don't forget to enter the giveaway going on on THIS post.

[I didn't even edit this post for fear that I'd erase all my rambling and I really wanted both Rachels' to know how thankful I am.]


  1. OMG Rachel Vincent!!!!!!!! Well done Alba on putting together an amazing week long Rachel week. It warms the heart to see it and she deserves it. Now you will have to do a week long Albe appreciation!! :) <3

    1. T_T Rachel Vincent T_T
      I think I drank a lot of tea to make myself normal again.

  2. Wow, Alba, you have outdone yourself!!! You got Rachel Vincent!!! That is sooo wicked!!! Seriously, Alba, you did an incredible job this whole week! Thank you again for letting me join in the gushing over Rachel. :)

    1. T___________________________T
      I kNOW!!!!!
      And thank YOU for agreeing!

  3. Oh Alba, while you know how I feel about being in the spotlight - as in, I wish it was pointed at anyone other than me - thank you for putting yourself through all the epic freak outs like today's just to put this week together for me.

    And had fun and got to meet awesome blogger Fiktshun and RACHEL VINCENT AS IN TOD AND IN NASH AS IN KAY AND COKE AND PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND APRICOT JAMMMMMMMMMMM"

    My favorite of your freakouts of all time! :)

    While I will always feel that I do not deserve a day let alone a week for just doing my thing like every other blogger, thank you for making me feel special. Though I totally don't deserve it!

    And wow, those words from an author I admire so much, respect probably more than any other writer I've "met" - except for my Dad...okay maybe a little more, sorry Dad! - for her dedication to her craft and whose characters I madly, passionately adore, has gotten me completely floored.

    I don't even know how to respond to this. But... wow....

    *faints dead away*

    1. -faints dead away with you-

      Oh god... FREAK OUTS don't even begin to cover what my body suffered woman...
      I swear to you...

  4. Oh, thank you both, and thanks for including me! ;)

    1. Jesus christ in the heavens T_T
      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


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