My Apology of Apologies. AGAIN.

-Non edited post because I know I might ramble much more if I proofread it OR I might notice how many things more I missed to say or something.-

I want to officially apologize to every blogger that was hosting a book blog tour or any other book event in which I was participating these last 2-4 weeks.
I tried to send emails to every single one of you but it appears I still didn't make it.
I know I might sound like I'm only excuses but it's all I have to give you.

We were moving, as you already knew. But then we didn't have internet in the new house until later and then my laptop's screen decided to stop working...

I'm so very very sorry if I failed to do something I had promised to do on the blog, I really really am.

Books and BookPics are very dear to my heart and when I compromise to do something I try to move heaven and hell to accomplish that promise so I feel like I let everyone down with these things :(
I wasn't planning on my laptop failing on me and then work keeping me so occupied and stuff.

You all know who you are, also, authors from said tours. I'm so very very sorry.
I don't know what else to do except that.

But it seems that it has no end since, I LOVE replying to each and every single person that comments on my blog so I apologize for so little interaction from my part with you guys.

Good news?
I have a laptop that works now and hopefully next week work won't have me so tired and busy.
I'm hopping for the best as I am always doing.

I miss all my bookAngels, all my blogger friends, my bookish friends and everyone in between, books, reading, interacting....
And now that I'm finally trying to get back in the game... I feel like an outsider or something, I know it might just be me-MIGHT.-

But I really really just wanted to put this out here... Because I know the authors and bloggers deserved a formal apology from me.


I hope you had an amazing Christmas and got tons of books... Sadly... Santa decided that I had enough books... For now...Though I know I disagree... maybe somebody'll change his or her mind next month? hehehehe

This is serious but whenever it is about this blog, my precious books, my adored authors, and my bookangels and friends... I get OVERLY excited just thinking about coming back.

I miss you miss you all from the bottom of my bookish-crazy-stalker persona!!!


  1. I completely know what you mean. It is so hard being away from this fun and wonderful community, but life happens and some things need to be put on hold. I have definitely missed hearing from you when I too have decided to be around, but I completely understand. I hope all is well with you and I look forward to seeing more of you when you are able :)

    1. :(
      I know!!!!!
      I felt awful being away from here!! And from you all!!
      I miss youuuuuuu!!!
      :( you are going to make me cry woman!

  2. Merry Christmas Alba!!! You are awesome.

    1. Merry Christmas Silvano!!!! YOU are awesome!!
      Hope you had an amazing time!!!!


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