Hallo 2013! [NHBones slip]

Well another year ending... Though I'm pretty sure the word that was out was that the 'world' was ending not the year...
My beautiful bookpicERS!!!!
How are you saying goodbye to the amazing 2012??

Can you imagine all the awesome books that came out this year?? I don't think my mind can comprehend how lucky everyone that got this years book releases!!! You lucky lucky people!! I hate you-not really-from the bottom of my bookish-freak heart.

I think some reads were really really traumatic for me, as in, I won't ever ever get over them, I am marked for life, I was tortured beyond repair, I was ruined for all men, I fell in love, I got tossed against wall after wall... and even then... I went back for more...
If that is not book-masochism I seriously don't know what is.

I want to thank all the authors who are brave enough to put their work out there for everyone to see, I want to thank all my bookish friends for being there for me to gush about my latest book-crush, I want to thank to all my bookangels for constantly reminding me that generosity still exists and that people do give without expecting to get and for making me cry nonstop, thanks also to the AMAZING and TALENTED bloggers because you guys rock my world and inspire me... Thanks to my favorite blogger for making me a better stalker, oh god... who else'???
Oh yeah!! I have tot thank the woman who didn't want to sell her house even when we had made all the arrangements to move... Seriously if it weren't for her I wouldn't have the lovely house I know have!!
Obviously thank GOD because if it weren't for him none of this would even exist...


Thank YOU my beautiful people for making this 2012 a happy year, leaving me with more people to share my love for books with!!!
I love you all!!

And I wish you all a very prosperous 2013, a very heartbreaking 2013 for the tortured souls that would become main characters in books, a very very happy 2013 to all who had a sad 2012...
I wish wish with all my heart that everyone can achieve whatever they set their minds to do this coming year...

I hope and hope that you all are happy and brave and simply simply blessed!!

I know you all will , in one way or another, make awesome memories this 2013.

Happy Reading!!
Happy New Year!!
Keep Smiling and
See you when I see you!!
-Which is... next weekend!! Comes the very first 2013 vlog!! I'll showcase 2 months-worth of books!!! :D From the new house!!! how exciting!!!! Be there??-



  1. Happy New Year, it is going to be a wonderful new year and I can't wait for it to start!

  2. Aww such a sweet post! I hope you have a fantastic new year, Alba!!

    1. -blush-
      Thanks"!!! :D Thank you!!! I hope you do too!!!


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