400 HOURS to 400 DAYSBlogParty REVIEW ~400 DAYS by L. Carroll~

Lor Mandela
I just wished I had more time to read the first book and then this one, but having to be infront of my computer reading this really proved hard.

So I'll mostly just say a few things.
First I apologize to L. Carroll I wished I really had the time to really enjoy both your books and give you the honest and proper review you deserve.
Second, I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I said I'll read and review the book. I didn't even know it was a sequel. But, I'm glad I did. 
As I said before I'm trying and trying to like and read different things and genres every other week and this book is on my to-re-read list since I really want to read the first one.
New sceneries, plots, characters and more you're in for a really good story ride and enjoyable writing but I really don't recommend to read this book without having read the first one Lor Mandela Destruction from Twins. 
Valerie from Stuck in Books describe the genre of this books as epic fantasy so I'll just go ahead and use it as well!
It really was a surprise to me to be able to read the whole thing in a single day, but again I'll re read it sometime soon!
All in all a really good read and sequel. I just really hoped it was more of a genre that I'd love. But again that's just me!!
This is a really most read!
Don't miss the Cover Reveal later on the blog party!!!!

(recieved e-ARC from the author)