COVER OBSSESSION, thanks to Beth Revis & Jamie McGuire

I'm having 2 extremely huge crushes on 2 book covers, even though they're not new I'm all over the place watching and re-watching them, checking them out every other day; just to really really really...make sure they're still there, awesome, beautiful, and alluring all at the same time in just one tiny little picture I re-watch them again!

So my first crush/gasp/love, can we please just take a moment and stare at...the...well...TONGUE! that's crazy!

The second one has more to do with the fact that I recently read the first book (Across the Universe, you can check out my review HERE) for all the beauty/mystery/colors/tittle
I'm more than dying to finally read this book!


  1. i really love the cover from across the universe but this new cover for a million suns is just awesome !

  2. FANofLIFE I agree this one is breath taking and leaves you wondering what'll happen in the book this time...


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