~Review~ Learning in the Dark by Margaret Sarah Bechtel

—She forgot that she accepted who she had become and loved her life. She couldn’t recall any feeling of peace. All she could think about was how he stole the light.—-

Book-When I first stated reading the book I completely begin to compare it to Bechtel’s first book In The Land of Winter, I even told her that I thought the issues that the main character was struggling with were the same as in her first book. But boy, was I in for a surprise.
Not only she makes us fall in love with not just 1 but 4 extremely real characters that have to deal with the same past but that affected them in completely different circumstances.The book has twists that I sure didn’t see coming, hence the crazy laugh or the awful tears.And of course not everything has to be tragedies! I’ve got to tell you there are some really sexy and romantic and overloading cuteness through out the whole book!Surprises and more surprises.
Characters-From Lynn to Sophie(my girl) and Carter(my boy lol) to Davis(yum).The story revolves not only around Lynn, who you can picture as the main character, but around the other 3 characters as well, simply put Carter and Davis both have to do with Lynn being left blind at a really young age and ever since has felt a great deep hatred for them both.
Lynn’s parents Ethan & Grace were both even if a bit predictable, really real.Carter & Davis’ parents both put a little spice to the story.
Feelings-AND SHE DOES IT AGAIN.Even though I have to thank Margaret for not making me cry as much with this book as she did the last time, it made me share more than a few tears. I couldn’t help put wonder of all the things why stick with hatred and ressentment when you could so easily let it go.

What I’m taking from the book-Mistakes happen and all there’s left to do with them is, accept them, live with them, and learn from them.-That you have to be true to yourself before anyone else.-That being in the dark doesn’t mean you won’t ever see the light again, it means that you’ll be more than able to see the light when it comes.-That life’s unpredictable.-Do what you can now, love, forgive, forget, live, dream, share, learn before it’s too late.-Love can be found where you least expect it.-That love is just one step away from hate.
A book that let’s you know there are no boundaries for love nor hatred.That age’s just a number. And that the darkness isn’t that terrifying when you’ve got a hand to held.

5/5 Thanks so much again big sister! for letting me read another book of yours.http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/10678731-learning-in-the-dark