~review~ Overprotected by Jennifer Laurens

--Everything you need to know about love is already inside of you-- 

I have to say I liked this book really much but didn't looooved it as I would have liked. 

I did love all the characters though didn't quite comprehend the whole secretive side that Colin had I still found the story compelling, A girl whose dad is obssessed with her safety, her wanting her freedom, a boy she used to hate, a lie for a life, and the best BFF she could have. 

I'm more than happy to have read this book, is the first Laurens' book I read and it didn't disappoint. 
Filled with everything a good story needs, you are left wondering what other thing can Ashlyn's dad come up with to keep her with him forever. 

We all need our space, things happen and we have to get over them, love is inevitable, love can be a sick cruel thing, lies destroy as well as love, you're strong enough to overcome whatever you can. 

Nothing can stop you to do what you want. 

4/5 (again I felt it missed that little something to make it just awesome)


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