~Oooooh! books you have a new home!~

My mom and dad decided to surprise me a couple of nights ago and brought me a shelf for my long suffered books that were always stacked on boxes but NO MORE! I love it even though it's not from wood and that BUT it's almost full so I know I'll be getting another one once we move out of this house... hopefully hopefully that'll be sooner rather than later :D
Everything started out great... one cube at a time and stuff, as you can see in the pic we managed(WE meaning my sisters and I)to make the first cube perfectly nice and fast but after that everything went downhill hahaha it was fun don't worry.

So, of course I had to take out every printed book I owned and clean and order them... CHAOS!

After seeing this I couldn't believe I had this much books I drived myself crazy with happiness!

I tried, and failed, to count them :D

I arranged them

And re-arrange them tons of times to take pictures haha I couldn't stop staring at them.... haha sooo proud of my tiny but lovely and LOVED book collection!

at the end my sister did success on counting them but don't ask me to remember I just know I did more jumping and screaming and maybe even some freaking out in between when she told me the # but just ask her hehe I seriously cannot remember!

After staring at them past the limit that would be considered normal, I think even my books felt stalked by me.  I managed to "help" (meaning broke a pice while my little sister broke another) and get the thing done...We(meaning my sisters, dad, and me) had to rebuild the whole thing! argh we had it done the wrong way the first time!
As a result of our effort, ~believe me it was hard to stop stalking my books and not drool over them every time I passed them~ we FINISHED!

And this is how it looked in my room, yeap I have to share my room with my little 12yo sister, here's the pic! haha

Sweet victory, my hands, feet, fingers, everything hurt haha but FINALLY my books have a better place to rest and be envied since most of my family critize me for my reading I know deep down they wish they had this awesomeness inside their rooms. Well, SORRY but those~sighs, stares~ sorry... where was I? oh yeap...
those books are perfectly content being where they are now!

End of my Rambling! hehe