~review~ Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

~...Fighting is easy. It's WHY we fight that matters...~

I soooooooo thank my god in heaven that I read the series when all the books were out AND when there's a spinoff coming out just around the corner...

I can't even begin to tell you what a great series this is...and even though I don't like how some endings were a bit loose...now I won't complain because of Bloodlines and the next books to come...
Rose Hathaway has earned my complete respect for her, her personality, choices, craziness, and her utter ability to put those she loves the most first and before her.

I won't give you the complete detail list of all the amazing characters that Richelle introduced us to, and made us fall in love with...there are WAAAY TOO MANY though I still have my favorites...say, like, Mason, Abe, Christian, Jill, Sydney, a certain Romanian family...and soooo much more...
the characters that took my breath away weren't only the MAIN characters...and for an author to be able to draw that much attention as well as developing so wonderful characters really make me respect her even more.

I won't lie to you...when I started reading this book I had sooo many expectations...but by reading a bit into it I started to feel anxious and with really little patient, then AGAIN my lovely BookPic-ers came to the rescue and told me to keep on going because the book was so totally worth it and such...so OF COURSE I listened to them and guys WHAT A BOOK!
Not just action packed, heartbreakingly sad, so close to reality but also too far from it, and filled with love but also completely filled with amazing twists and turns(though I could easily guess the outcomes) I never trully knew HOW they'd be fullfilled and become true.

Rose again proves to be completely crazy and loyal in a way that's really beyond my imagination and comprehension...overpassing people and feelings for the sake of saving the person that matters to her the most...she is again...thrown to the lions but this time not just lions are awating but more dangerous and sinister creatures that plan to devour not only her but Lissa and all her friends too.
Fighting Strigoi and launching into battle mode won't be enough this time around...she'll have to fight with more than her body...she needs her mind, soul, heart along with it too.
Dimitri isn't himself, Adrian is trying to change, Lissa has already changed, Christian loves adorlingly, Sydney is WOW, Jill's life is turned up-side-down, Victor isn't as strong, the undead become alive once again, and Rose is, well, Rose.

With an ending that left me asking for more, and characters that are waaay to good to be true.
Last Sacrifice, even though it isn't a book that did it for me, as an ending to a series...too many questions left unanswered, is a book that has it all and one you really don't want to miss.

Sorry if it seems that I'm babbling but I wanted to make this review freshly, just after putting the book out and while my feelings for it were still burning HOT. And couldn't get much into detail because almost every page of the book is spoilery so...there you go...
a very very very well deserved



  1. I really hated to see this series end too! Glad you enjoyed this book. :) Bloodlines is awesome!

  2. omg! TORTURER! you're a torturer! lol I'm hoping and praying that the book comes to my country...if not I'll make the biggest fit ever witnessed by human eyes~lol just kidding~ but I really do wish to read it when it comes out! not 5 months later! :/

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