~Review~ Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead

~ "Rose, I cheat at cards and buy liquor for minors. But I would never, ever force you into something you don't want..." ~ 
This is a book that kept me on edge since the beginning and might be the one where we FINALLY see the true nature of our heroine Rose


-What's with me and loooving the underdogs of books lately?
-Spirit ROCKS!
-Irritated soo many times because of a certain couple who proved to be extremely proud to admit their mistakes!
-Impressed by how selfish and self sentered this girl is...WOW I hated HER soooooo many times is not even funny... I trully was disappointed I didn't think that someone could be that reckless and take advantage of the love that people have for her.


This book shows you just how far someone is willing to go and sacrifice for love, forget the consequences, people who cares about you, even death...all of that is completely ignored when your heart is set and decided to love and save someone....

Answer me, How many times has Logic defeated Love?
Few, right? almost NEVER!

Now dissasters are about to unravel and it may seem that our little dhampir, Adrian, Eddie(YEAH!), Queens, Guardians, and everyone have reached the line. So, will they cross it and accept what comes? or will they see reason and stop the craziness that's just about to happen?