~review~ Supernaturally by Kiersten White

~"I don't think Miss Lynn'll let you be sick again. She hates you," she said.
"I know"
"No, she, like, REALLY hates you."
"No, I, like, really know. Trust me."~

What an amazing beginning to a really bleeping awesome book!
The very first chapter drew me completely in. With amazing Evie and her supper dupper of a boyfriend(want to know who he is? read the books guys!)


The characters again delivered.
The really cuteness and strong character of Evie, even though real, was a bit shadowed by her constant change of moods, she was never entirely happy nor sad, let alone angry...she was always a ball of constant changing feelings.
Lend~swoons~ yu have no idea how much I love Lend, his character did buy me as much in this book as it did on Paranormalcy. He was completely everything I asked for and much, muc more.
The bad news though, are tht he doesn't take much of the stage in the story/plot of this book. I felt he was always on the sidelines wich really didn't do it for me.

Old and new characters, Viv, Raquel, Daniel, Fehl, Reth(dreamy sighOMG!) oh dear Reth you are one hell of a faery/ex. Wouldn't change that character for anything, and of course you have brandly new Jack whose dimples are sure to buy you since the start. His perky personality plus shirtless-ness(at a certain moment) gave the book a really refreshing feeling.

I agree, Kiersten delivers another great book, wich, even though I liked, didn't obssess over as I did with the first book.
After Evie gets that she 'thought' she wanted...she starts missing bits and pieces of the place she once called home.
Now with high school, boyfriend away on college, a regular~diner~job, and the most important of them all A LOCKER OF HER OWN COMPLETE WITH COMBINATION AND ALL! she starts to miss the paranormal that once was a daily part of her life. Don't get me wrong there are enough paranormals in her life right now...but she isn't out there as she used to be...fighting and defending...instead lovely Taser is safely stuffed somewhere not being used and pink in all her glory!
But really? even though I laughed almost all the time with the book...you get to see a part of Evie that we might see within ourselves when we 'think' we have or are where we always wanted to...that wich we thought would make our lifes complete...just for the late realization that we were right and good just where we were.
She's feeling lonely...more than normal...and not her fashionista of a vampire roommate nor her awasomeness of a ~yum...aww~ boyfriend seem to be able to help her.
Lies, insecurities, betrayals, Reth, elemental paranormals, love, home, school, Georgetown, smiles, tears, emptiness, and more is what you'll be getting when reading this book.
For you to be happy...be yourself, avoid lying as much as possible, and don't trust just any pretty/crazy face that steps out of the wall from an invisible door.

(oh, and again awesome names! from Lend~I love it~ to Melinthros and Neamh ooooh! just wait and read!)

And because I couldn't help myself! this book was full of soo many good quotes you can't even imagine!

~With a heavy sigh I sat down next to him, wrapping my arms around my knees in a pathetic attempt to ward off the chill. It felt like the blisters on my feet had coupled off and started forming little blister families. Tonight sucked.~

Rachel! I can't ever thank you enough for this book! You are a completely bleeping beautiful person and I'll be forever in debt with you T-T



  1. Great review! I enjoyed this one as well, even though I have to say compared to Paranormalcy it fell short for me. I just wasn't as hype about it as I was about Paranormalcy. But, I think it sets up for a perfect third book, which I cannot wait to read! :)


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