~Review~ Tiger's Curse

~He then put both hands on the door on either side of my head and leaned in close, pinning me against it. I trembled like a downy rabbit caught in the clutches of a wolf. The wolf came closer. He bent his head and began nuzzling my cheek. The problem was…I wanted the wolf to devour me.~

Even though I loved the book, sometimes I felt that the author didn't want to leave anything out from it and tried to squeeze into the book as much information as possible. I often found myself confused and overwhelmed with all the in-between stories, theories, legends, info, beliefs, gods, goddesses, and tiny little details she put on whenever she could.
Kells, sometimes...really just sometimes acted too immature for her age...but still is not just bad stuff.

I loved the change of setting the author chose for her book, the back story of Kells, isn't what I expected.

And even if the story did develop kind of slowly...I liked the last third of the book just right...(haven't been able to completely finish it... and I don't want to force myself to read it just because...I really want to enjoy the end! so bear with me)

All in all, a fresh different story, slow but good. That might have too many backround for me to enjoy...but still nice characters...and I might pick up the sequel to it! who knows? maybe I'll enjoy it waay more! :D

On a really side...side...siiiiiide note, I'd take a massage from a Tiger turned Man ANY DAY!! specially from our guy Ren here!!

If you enjoy indian history and geography...Tigers, really hot men,the warm weather, tons of history, and girls that can hold their own just fine. This is the book you are looking for!

3.5/5(don't let the rating keep you from picking it up)