~Review~ Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

~ Slowly, he reached out and held a lock of my hair, twisting it around one finger thoughtfully. I froze...~

Well, hello there vampire book friend!
Wow, this book wasn't what I expected at all. Richelle did manage to surprise me!

This book starts out right with action, continues with action, and ends with action. I'm really sorry I didn't read it earlier.

I loved how all the characters no matter who, played a really important role on the developement of the story. Wich just earned Richelle some really good extra points.

On with my rambling thoughts...

Apart from the awesomeness of Rose, we have, of course, all the...let's say cool names; from Moroi to Dhampir and so on...

Rose, I loved. She's such an amazing and fresh character. I've never read of a girl such as her, NEVER. Maybe guys protecting the girl of their dreams. But Rose is so different and had me immediately immersed on the story. Completely exceeded my expectations of her.
Lissa! I couldn't even pronounce her complete first name! Still, it was really chilling that I got to identify with her at some level. She's got something that draws you to her you really can't help it.
And ok, the moment you've all been waiting for!
My Dimitri comment. I'm sad to tell you that, even though I loved his character, roll, and part he took on the book, and well...the OBVIOUS... I'm currently crushing on an entirely different person!! yeap you guessed it! Mason!!!OMG!!~sighs~
So, let's just sum it up...
Vampires, academies, guardians, magic, power, earth, water, fire, air, spirit, friendships, loyalties, crushes, hotness, long dark hair, russian accents, training, stupidities(cute ones), more training, whether wearing your hair up or down, sickness, ambition, and so much more...ARE the things that wait for you when you finally decide to read this book!

Now excited to move on to the second book!!!