~Tiny Review~ Blood Promise by Richelle Mead

~"You forgot my first lesson: Don't hesitate."~ 

Far away from home, having chosen love for friendship...if in Shadow Kiss I said Rose was strong in this book she's completely the opposite. We finally see her crack under that strong facade of hers.

Now she meeets blond/tattoo/formal Sydney, discovering a whole new side of the vampire world she didn't know.

Looking for someone to keep a promise and at the same time being chased by some unknown person, AND watching how she's loosing her best friend and possibly her home...can prove to be challenging.

Awesome new characters that takes us deeper into spirit element and its uses and others that prove to be kind of scary...

Will she be able to accomplish her goal before getting killed?
Will she give up life as she knows it, feeling she no longer has a place to go, and let some special one AWAKEN her?

With an ending that took my breath away...